MINUTES OF GENERAL MEETING - Sunday 17 February 2013 at IFS Liawenee

PresentMike Stevens AFTA Chair, Terry Byard STLAA Vice Chair, Malcolm Crosse Exec committee, Gary France TGALT Exec committee, John Diggle IFS, John Broomby Northern Forum, Norm Cribbin STLAA, Adrian Hope TFFA, Leroy Tirant AFTA, Michael Caminada Indep North, Charles and Sheryl Thompson NWFA, Denis Edwards Exec Assistant.ApologiesGreg Peart, Alan Gordon, Roger ButlerMinutes of previous meetingMotion: “to accept the minutes of the meeting held 14 October 2012 “Moved Terry Byard. Seconded John Broomby. CarriedMatters arisingDisappointing response to an AAT co-ordinated Clean Up Australia Dayeffort. STLAA responded and are doing the Derwent River from Granton to New Norfolk and some other clubs are doing their own thing.Inland Fisheries ReportJohn Diggle reported on IFS activityStocking – current stocking charts were tabled.Anglers Access.Mersey River - Neil Morrow thinks this is perhaps the best access project yet. On time and due for completion this March.Fergus – Walking track construction is about to start.Derwent River – scheduled for next year.Future projects – may concentrate on key access points eg St Patricks, South Esk, the north east etc rather than big projects. Any suggestions would be welcome.CormorantsThere has been a major influx of cormorants following two wet seasons. This last occurred in the late 70’s and took until the mid 80’s for waters to recover. IFS is carrying out electrofishing surveysin the Leven, Tyenna, Russell, Mersey, St Patricks and Meander Rivers to establish historically comparative fish populationdata.RegulationsDefinition of “ Bait “ being looked at.Lake Leake trolling regs to be changedFive year licences available from next yearCraigbourne - fishing from the dam wall to be regulatedLake King William to be a year round fisheryLagoon of Islands to be removed from publications as a fisheryTreasury A “ Financial Management and Audit Amendment Act ” is to be tabled in Parliament which could result in Treasury control of all IFS monies.The IFS will seek an exemption order from this legislation.It was resolved that the AAT should be aware of any opportunities for submissions , meet with the Minister and lobby to ensure that the IFS retains not only its investments but also its autonomy.ArthursThe dry/wet cycle has seen an increase in recruitment and as a consequence a decrease in fish size.The IFS is considering controls on some spawning creeks to manage this problem. The meeting resolved that this would be a good approach and should be done as soon as the necessary Hydro approvals are in place.PenstockSubmissions received on proposed boating recommendations were predominately in favour, with the boating zones, means of marking and wading impact being the most important issues.The proposal will go forward as a recommendation to anglers ( for the coming season) rather than a regulation.Four SpringsIn the light of declining fish numbers, a discussion on the management of the Four Springs fishery took place. It was resolved that AAT write to clubs to seek their views ,ie Existing regulations ok ? Sport fishery ? Trophy fishery ?Reduce size limit ? More stocking ? etc Shannon LagoonThe IFS is investigating the rehabilitation of Shannon Lagoon as apossible project. Turbidity is a major problem and to stabilise thesystem the possibility of raising the Lagoon level, wind controlmeasures and the use of an automatic pump from the Great Lakeoutlet will be investigated.Parks Ranger on the plateauAAT letter to Minister for Parks and Wildlife was tabled that expressed anglers concerns that for the first time in many decades there is no Parks and Wildlife representation on the plateau.AAT will email clubs with Ministers contact details to lobby Minister.Weed management on the plateauKathy Hean from Whispering Landscapes gave a very informative presentation on weed control on and around the plateau.The main invasive weeds are Ragwort, English Broom, Gorse and Mullein.Volunteers are needed and would be very welcome for the Interlaken and the Great Lake areas ; the Bronte anglers have already had a successful working bee.It was suggested that plant ID cards could be included in angler licence renewals and that photos be posted on the AAT website to assist with identification of problem sites.AAT to investigate a Landcare Grant Application for specific control programs.Thanks was expressed to Kathy for the presentation and sharing her vision of a weed free plateau.BiosecurityMalcolm Crosse reported on NRM South’s launch of boot cleaning stations in key remote locations to protect the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area and associated wildlife.Kerrisons HutJohn Broomby tabled a letter from James W Lyne with photos documenting the huts sad state of repair and suggesting that the hut be relocated to the causeway where it would be better used and more easily maintained. This work would be done by volunteers at no cost to Parks and Wildlife.John Broomby moved that “AAT write to Parks and Wildlife to support the proposal ”. Seconded by Gary France and supported by the meeting.WebcamsMalcolm Crosse reported that with seven cameras up and running the webcam installation project has been completed successfully, on time and within budget.The webcams have proved very popular, with Gary France reporting that the AAT website has had 1,600 visits over the last month.Issues to be addressed are –Image loading time, clarity tuning , etcArthurs Lake camera is old technology and to be replacedPhone app possibility and cost / benefitMaintenance and running costsSponsorship - Telstra Countrywide have expressed interest- MAST to give $12,000- other ?Press release to be donePirate webcams have been locked out, with all visits now throughthe AAT website.Adrian Hope suggested AAT write a letter of appreciation to Malcolm for his incredible efforts in making this project a reality.IrrigationScottsdaleMike Stevens and IFS to meet with Tasmanian Irrigation to discusssome concerns with this scheme.South EskSome turbidity issues have been reported above Fingal aroundEvercreech and in the Clarendon/Simmons Plains area; the DPIPWEhave been notified , have taken samples, and will report the results tothe AAT.Subject to these results the AAT may look at the broader aspects ofwater quality of run off from irrigation and turbid discharge from farmholding dams etc.Arthurs outletTerry Byard reported the complex arrangements Hydro has in placeto manage drawdowns from Arthurs for the Midlands Water Scheme (MWS)• MWS irrigation outlet is 947.5 ASL (much the same as the lake level reduced to 2009 )• Pumping to Great Lake ceases when Arthurs Lake level falls below 949.0 ASL as per IFS/Hydro MOU• If Great Lake level is below 1023.0 ASL then this aspect of the MOU does not apply.• Lake River irrigators have negotiated a 50,000 ML annual allocation as a trade-off for the loss of their uncapped rights on the Lake River. The extra water over and above their current historical usage of approx. 20,000 ML per year will come from Poatina. Note: this increase will occur over time.Habitat FundThe Habitat Fund (some $50-60,000) will be transferred from the trustees to the IFS and put in a separate account.General businessRowallan boat rampJohn Broomby reported that the ramp is difficult to use, especially at low levels when the steepness makes it very difficult to see your boat. Also there are some nuisance rocks in the vicinity of the boat ramp. AAT to write to MAST.Lake LeaThe NWFA reported that Parks and Wildlife are being over- zealous withthe control of this area. Complaints include denying boat access, locking gates and one ranger refusing to identify himself.John Diggle will clarify land tenure and jurisdiction issues, AAT to write to Parks with complaints.Lake KaraNWFA reported that fish screens have been removed allowing fish to escape. IFS will follow up.Gunns PlainsNWFA expressed concern that the method used to remove willows (without replacement native planting) will result in erosion problems.IFS will follow up.NEXT MEETINGTo be advised.ACTION LISTMS Treasury/IFS lobby MinisterKerrisons Hut lobby MinisterIFS Lake Lea land tenure/controlsLake Kara fish screensGunns Plains willow removalDE Four Springs, email clubsRowallan ramp, write to MASTLake Lea, letter to ParksRanger on Plateau, email clubsWeeds, Landcare Grant, ID photosKerrisons Hut, letter to ParksSouth Esk turbidity issuesLetter to Malcolm Crosse