AGM Nov 2013

MINUTES OF ANNUAL GENERAL MEETINGSunday 17 November 2013, Man O‘Ross HotelPresentMike Stevens AFTA Chair, Terry Byard STLAA Vice Chair, Malcolm Crosse Exec Committee, Gary France TGALT Exec Committee, John Diggle IFS, John Broomby Northern Forum, Alan Gordon BOD, Charles Thompson NWFA, Sheryl Thompson NWFA, Amos Mapleston STLAA, Michael Caminada Indep Nth, Denis Edwards Exec Assistant.ApologiesPhil Wlliams. Adrian Hope, Leroy Tirant, Roger Butler, Bruce Gilham, Steven Bax, Justin Causby.Welcome Chairman, Mike Stevens , welcomed membersConfirmation of the minutes of the 2012 AGMM Stevens moved that the minutes of the 2012 AGM be accepted. Seconded T Byard. Carried.Business arising from the minutesTerry Byard discussed suggested changes to the Constitution –5 Cl. (1a)(i) “Australian Fishing Tackle Association” should be changed to “ Australianfishing industry”5 Cl. (1b) Is payment of an annual subscription necessary?29 Cl (1,2,3) Ditto5 Cl. (1d) “public process”needs clarification11 Cl.(5c) Nominations and election of Independent members should be enabled atGM’s as well as AGM’s.22 Cl. (1) Officers of the Alliance to be Chair, Vice Chair, Executive Officer and tworepresentatives to be drawn from Clubs and Independent members.27 Cl. (1) Executive Committee, change as above.11 Cl.(5c) That election of Independents and Committee members should be enabled atGM’s as well as AGM’s.Sheryl Thompson suggested that appointed members be required to attend a certain minimum number of meetings per year.Terry Byard moved that changes to the Constitution be able to be ratified at General Meetings after giving two months notice of proposed amendment. Seconded Malcolm Crosse. Carried. In the interim the Exec.Committee to operate as is until changes are approved.Chairman’s ReportMike Stevens report for 2012/13 was tabled, and he thanked all for their work during the year, with a special mention to Malcolm Crosse for delivering the webcam project so welland in such a cost effective way. John Broomby suggested that the Chairman’s report be published in Tas Fishing and Boating News.FinancialsThe 2012/2013 audit by Michael Muller Charted Accountant was tabled.It was suggested that the AAT accounts and the Mersey River Anglers Access accountsbe separated to give better clarity of expenditure.M Stevens moved that the report be accepted. Seconded J Broomby . Carried.Election of Executive OfficersMike Stevens stepped down as Chairman. Gary France was nominated as Chairman and Terry Byard as Vice Chairman. No other nominations were received so Exec Committee is –Chairman – Gary FranceVice Chair - Terry ByardMalcolm CrosseOther members to be appointed when Constitution is amended.Meeting closed 11.45 am