MINUTES FOR GENERAL MEETING - Sunday 16 February 2014

MINUTES FOR GENERAL MEETINGSunday 16 February 2014IFS LiaweneePresentGary France TGALT Chair, Terry Byard STLAA Vice Chair, John Diggle IFS, John Broomby Northern Forum, Alan Gordon BOD, Bruce Gilham Corallin FFC, Phil Blizzard TFFA, Denis Edwards Exec AssistantApologiesMalcolm Crosse, Mike Stevens, Adrian Hope, Charles Thompson, Justin Causby, Michael Caminada, Amos MaplestonMinutes of previous meetingMotion: “to accept the minutes of the meeting held 17 November 2014”Moved: John Broomby Seconded: Alan GordonMatters arising John Broomby complemented the organisers of the MAST /Longford Fishing Club Boating and Fishing Fun Day held at Longford on 14 Dec 2013FinancialsFinancial statement tabled showing -TRADING A/C 17-1550 $36,373.44 CRGRANT A/C 49-7934 $ 2.40 CRMotion : “that the financial statement be accepted”Moved : Terry Byard Seconded : Phil BlizzardAAT Review Gary France suggested that in the light of increasing complaints of stream water quality across the state, the AAT undertake a comprehensive long term review of the states stream catchments and their current legislation and regulatory framework.Items of concern are small on stream dams in the headwaters, maintaining environmental flows, water metering , fertiliser and chemical runoff from irrigation, discharge from pig, diary, fish farms and willow control.The executive to document concerns and develop a strategy prior to organising a workshop to be attended by all AAT reps. The workshop could be led by the IFS and it was suggested that Peter Davies be invited as a consultant to help develop a strategy for this project.ConstitutionTerry Byard tabled a more streamlined and pertinent revised Constitution for consideration.As well as reviewing the overall document, reps are requested to ensure they are happy with the wording in - 5(a)(i)and(v); 5(c) ; items 6 ; 7 ; 9 and 11 .Reps. were requested get feedback from members prior to voting for its adoption at the August AGM.Inland Fisheries Service ReportJohn Diggle tabled a comprehensive report this can be viewed on the AAT website.The report included the following -Lake Leake trollingLake King William/ WHA accessPerformance of river fisheriesPerformance of Arthurs LakeCraigbourne Dam closuresDisabled access at Four SpringsSalmon stocking rationaleAngler AccessRecreational Boating Fund and associated projectsLicence salesCarp reportShannon Lagoon updateArthurs Lake recruitment control updateCompliance reportConsultancy activityHatchery reportStocking chartIFS Activity ListExemption PermitsGary France congratulated the IFS on the comprehensive report and the AAT will encourage access to this quarterly report by posting on the AAT website.Website/webcamsGary France reported that the AAT website had 7000 hits last month with up to 300 visits on some days.Malcolm Crosse and Denis Edwards to do a management plan for webcams with future expenditures etc. and a review of sponsorship opportunities.SesquicentenaryEmail from Roger Butler informing us that the 150th IFish documentary has been completed and updating TGALT/ Frank Hussey’s scoping and planning initiative . Frank will be in touch with stakeholders in the next week or so for calling for activities that may be included in in the program.It was thought by the meeting that it is too late for the AAT to organise and seek funds for the previously suggested re-enactment and following event at the Salmon Ponds.Gowan Brae accessGary France reported that the negotiations proceeding slowly.Pump House Point accessDenis Edwards to obtain the Planning Permit(with conditions) from Central Highlands Council.Kerrisons Hut Further to James Lyne letter (previously tabled) John Broomby tabled the Mountain Huts Preservation Society submission to the TWWHA and a letter from Quamby Fly Fishers Club supporting the relocation of the hut to the causeway at Julians.It was resolved that Quamby FFC be asked if they would be willing to collate the information and support gathered to date, into a submission form and submit to the WHA Review. A copy to be forwarded to AAT for endorsement and submission to the review process.Meander RiverJohn Broomby reported that there was interest in reviewing the bag limit on the Meander, between Barratts Bridge and the Meander town bridge, to a two bag limit or catch and release.AAT reps to canvas clubs on their views on such a change and river bag limits generally.Tyenna River A letter to Alex Schaap, EPA, seeking clarification on perceived pollution problems was tabled. AAT is following up this issue.BronteHooning by two large and powerful “bream boats” was reported by Norm Cribbin and this has been collaborated by Charles Thompson. The offenders have been spoken to by police.Camping issuesJohn Broomby reported long term “permanent” camps at Brushy Lagoon and Jonah Bay.Denis Edwards to write to Bothwell Council to seek details re the provision and allocation arrangements for both long term and short term camping at the Pumphouse and Jonah Bay camp sites.Bertram Island Little Pine Lagoon Terry Byard advised of feedback from Entura(Hydro)and Derwent Catchment NRM that consideration is being is being given to the removal of willows from Bertrams Island at Little Pine Lagoon. Terry, on behalf of the AAT to endeavour to seek feedback from local shack owners and fishers etc re their removal and feed into the process. It was suggested that IFS may be able to assist with access to the island if removal is to occur.Great LakeDerwent Catchment NRM has again raised the issue of extensive Ragwort infestations on the eastern shore of the Great Lake. AAT through Terry to canvas the possibility of a concentrated effort by anglers, Hydro, Parks etc to make inroads into this developing weed issue.Clean up Australia Day Any clubs participating should register with Clean Up Aust to maximise good publicity for anglers and any photos can be posted on the AAT website.Gary France to do a Facebook thing.Meeting Dates 2014Proposed meeting dates for 2014 areSun 4 May at RossSun 10 Aug at Ross includes AGMSun 9 Nov at the Aust Fly Fishing MuseumPlease let us know if these dates clash with any other important dates.NEXT MEETINGSunday 4th May at Man O’Ross HotelACTION LIST ALL Constitution reviewRiver bag limits/catch and releaseReview 2014 meeting datesEXEC Develop a strategy for water quality projectGF Gowan Brae accessFacebook – Clean Up Aust.TB Bertram Island, Great Lake weed control programCT Lake Barrington Community ForumsJB Kerrisons Hut WHA submissionMC/DE Webcam management planDE IFS report on websitePump House Point – Planning PermitWrite Bothwell Council re Jonah Bay campingLake King William WHA Review letter