Sunday 9 November 2014, Australian Fly Fishing Museum, EvandalePresentGary France Chair, Terry Byard Vice Chair, Malcolm Crosse Exec Committee, Tony Wright IFS, Mike Stevens Exec Committee, John Broomby Northern Forum, Michael Caminada Independent North, Charles Thompson NWFA, Sheryl Thompson NWFA, Tony Cross Penguin Branch NWFA, Adrian Hope Tas Fly Fishing Assoc, Alan Gordon BOD Sports Anglers, Howard Jones BOD Sports Anglers, Denis Edwards Exec OfficerGuest Speakers: Brad Finlayson Tas. Eel Exporters, Dr Sebastian Burgess Greening AustraliaApologiesRoger Butler, John Smith, Justin Causby, Phil Williams, Ray AitchisonMinutes of previous meetingMotion: “to accept the minutes of the meeting held 17 Aug 2014 at Ross”Moved: T Byard Seconded: M CrossMatters arisingLake Lea , C Thompson has not heard from Parks regarding boat accessGowan Brae , access arrangements to be posted on website and FacebookFinancialsFinancial statement was tabled showingTRADING A/C 17-1550 $27,734.15 CRGRANT A/C 49-7934 $ 332.19 CRThe Tasmanian Anglers Hall of FameAAT is in the process of transferring the management of these funds to the AAT.The funds total was $3,206 at 30 June 2014 held in a MyState cheque account. This account will be maintained and run separately to the AAT accounts.Motion: “that the financial statement be accepted”Moved: M Stevens Seconded: T ByardInland Fisheries Service ReportTony Wright tabled a comprehensive report and this can be viewed on the AAT website.The report included the following –Low lake levelsNorth West Fisheries Officer positionProposed Southern Fishery updateBag and size limit breachesLiawenee fisheries officer positionEel fishing in public watersAnglers AccessShannon LagoonCarp ReportLicencing and AdministrationComplianceFisheries managementHatchery and StockingNorth East Open WaterJ Broomby and H Jones discussed the Break O’Day Sports Anglers proposal for the Pioneer Minehole to be the most suitable water in the north east for year round angling.It was agreed that AAT write to IFS recommending that Pioneer Minehole be made a water for all the year round angling.Anglers Hall of FameSheryl Thompson and her Committee of Gary France and Ray Aitchison have done a wonderful job fixing the HOF tangle they were handed, sorting and filing all documentation, organising plaques (as well as small plaques to be presented to family members), correcting mistakes on existing plaques, placating aggrieved families of inductees, organising the Induction and invitations, compiling a list of Inductees to date , recommending Inductees for next year, etc, etc.It was suggested that a review of the Inductee nomination criteria be undertaken.T Byard moved that Sheryl and her Committee be congratulated on doing such a wonderful job of a complex task. Seconded by M Crosse. G France mentioned that the IFS and IFAC are similarly impressed.It was suggested that the HOF have a portal on the AAT website.This years Inductees are Mr Les Monson and Mr Ian French, to be inducted at the Axemen’s Hall of Fame, Bells Parade, Latrobe 2pm Sat 22 Nov 2014. There is an Open Invitation to all AAT Committee members – RSVP 15 Nov 2014 to Sheryl Thompson 0418 52 8606 oremail charlessheryl1@bigpond.com.auWebcamsMalcolm Crosse, with the help of Mike Stevens and Gary France, successfully completed the installation of webcam No 9 at Four Springs yesterday. Not content with this he plans to relocate the Bronte webcam (including a battery upgrade) tomorrow with the help of the Kingborough Anglers. The Lake Burbury batteries are also listed for updating.A discussion was had on the need for sponsorship to cover running and maintenance costs.Transmission costs for the 9 cameras are $4,860/year and Hosting costs are $1,728/year giving total yearly running cost for 9 cameras of $6,588/year -- that is $732/camera/year.It was suggested camera sponsorship be a minimum of $800/year to cover these costs.G France tabled Google analytics for webcam visitation and this data will be used to develop a sponsorship business plan.VHF on the Central PlateauCoast Radio Hobart’s two new VHF base stations on the west coast opens up the possibility of connecting a VHF base station in the Central Highlands with a 24 hour monitoring service.MAST has been contacted to explore the possibility of funding a project feasibilitystudy , and are currently looking at the proposal.Junior AnglingT Byard proposed that AAT look at a state wide Junior Anglers Day, open to the public , involving all clubs and existing venues plus the possible development of new venues.The program would need to be well supported by IFS to ensure adequate stocking levels at all venues and should be treated as part of the IFS Fisheries Management Plan. The program should also allow for a means of transition from juniors through to teenage years.AAT would provide support to clubs , publicise and advertise the day as well as addressing administrative matters such as insurance etc.It was suggested that junior angling programs on the mainland, NZ and internationally be researched to help develop the program.Hiighlands Bushfest , Bothwell Sat/Sun 15-16 Nov 2014Arrangements are well in hand to man a combined stall with TGALT. Tony Wright has offered to deliver the IFS Anglers Access trailer on Frid pm, Malcolm Crosse will man the stall on Sat and Terry Byard on Sun.Lifejacket videoMike Stevens is working on thisTasmanian Community FundM Stevens reported that Cassie O’Connor has been very helpful in supporting AAT’s push to see the TCF stay in the hands of an independent board rather than be controlled by the Premiers Office.Arthurs Lake campingT Byard has consulted with Hydro and spoken to the caretaker Laurie Costello and all issues have been resolved. Clubs are encouraged to contact Laurie when planning club events at Arthurs Lake to ensure campsites etc are available. Lauries contact no’s are 0439 202 436 and 6259 4049 and will be posted on the website.M Crosse reported that the issue of permanent camps remains at Penstock Lagoon.CorrespondenceForestry Tas AAT’s response to Forestry Tas application to the FSC to temporarily use (for 5 years) the FSC listed “Highly Hazardous Pesticide” alpha cypermethrin to spray gum beetle larvae.Camden Rivulet.The proposed damming of the rivulet was discussed but the process has gone too far to for any meaningful outcome to be achieved by AAT’s involvement.AAT should have been a stakeholder on this project and Irrigation Tas to be made aware of this and AAT to request representation on future projects.Hydro Water LevelsFollowing complaints of a rapid drawdown on Little Pine IFS resolved the issue and water levels have been raised – refer IFS report.It was suggested that AAT obtain copies of MOU’s for all Hydro waters.Huon River whitebait runDon Paton of Recfish Tas has had reports of very poor whitebait runs in the Huon over the last few years and suggested that the huge increase in salmon farming could be responsible.Members reported that the whitebait runs have been poor on the NW coast this year (no salmon farms), good in the Derwent and that runs vary enormously from year to year. IFS monitor whitebait runs and this information is available.Photo CompetitionNews Release from TGALT tabled , the Competition runs from 1 Nov 2014 to 32 March 2015.entry is free and prizes given for each category. AAT will post News Release on website with link to full details on www.150yrsoftastrout.com.auGeneral Business>J Broomby enquire whether the Miles Forbes Bridge at Latrobe could be enlarged.>The advertising and appointment of Independent Reps for the NW and South to be followed up.>Tony Cross reported on Neil Morrows talk to clubs on farm dam stocking but they are not convinced that the changes are for the better and have set up a sub committee look at the proposals.> Sheryl Thompson reported that the NWFA Ladies Day last year attracted 178 fisher ladies and this will be on again in December. AAT to email a flyer and post on website .> Howard Jones tabled an article from the Examiner 30 Oct 2014 reporting the frustrations of a Cressy farmer on the Macquarie River in reporting pollution. He expressed similar frustration members of the club have experienced in reporting incidents. AAT also has had trouble eliciting responses from authorities on concerns of waterway pollution.Howard suggested that AAT meet with the EPA to establish a process to report breaches and that clubs are informed of this process and contact No’s be printed and distributed.> Weed control program at Elizabeth Bay , Great Lake will be carried out some time in February (depending on stage of plant growth) and 11 volunteers will be required. Contact Terry Byard if you or your club is interested. 0429 977 185`Brad Finlayson, Tasmanian Eel Exporters www.tasmanianeelexporters.com.auBrad explained that Tasmanian Eel Exporters is a family company that has been operating since 1964, and is responsible for 80% of the Tasmanian eel harvest which will amount to some 85 tonne this year.They are licenced to net all over Tasmania, locations depending on water and weather conditions, and net individual waters for only 3-4 weeks/year to ensure the fishery is sustainable.Lack of angler awareness has caused nets to be interfered and removed and to increase awareness signs are being placed at boat ramps informing anglers that eel netting is in progress. The IFS website posts notification of eel netting on public waters.It was suggested that if Tas Eel Exporters keep AAT informed that information could be posted on the AAT website.Dr Sebastian Burgess, Greening Australia, Director of Conservation – TasmaniaSebastian gave an informative talk on Midlands, Leven and Derwent projects that Greening Australia is involved in with an emphasis on the huge Midlands restoration project that includes long stretches of the Macquarie River.The willow removal project on the Leven has resulted in improved water quality and river water ecology, less water logging and happy farmers.Terry Byard suggested that the AAT could be involved as their work fits with the AAT’s concerns for water quality in catchments . It was suggested that a monitoring role would be helpful and that Neil Morrow should talk to Sebastian to sound out the possibility of anglers access as part of this process.NEXT MEETING is at 10am Sun 15 Feb 2015 at the Central Highlands Lodge, MienaACTION LISTALL Possible webcam sponsorsGF Webcam analytics for sponsorship marketing planTB > Penstock permanent campsites> Neil Morrow to meet with Dr Sebastian BurgessTB/MC >Highlands Bushfest 15/16 NovMS > Copy of IFS/Hydro MOU’s on water levels> Photos of Four Springs webcam installationDE > Letter to Irrigation Tas> Arrange meeting with EPA> North East Open Water , letter to IFS> Miles Forbes Bridge , contact Neil Morrow> Junior Angling, list of dams, insurance> Contact Brad Finlayson re website sponsorship> Website postsGowan Brae access detailsHall of Fame pageFour Springs webcam links to MAST + thankyou letter and photosEel netting infoNWFA Ladies Day reminderArthurs Lake camping caretakers contact no’sTGALT Photo Comp details