AAT Code of Practice


Anglers Alliance TasmaniaCODE OF PRACTICEFishing is our nation’s most popular recreational and sporting activity, and Tasmania boasts some of the world’s best fishing. However, is it our responsibility to ensure the long term sustainability of our magnificent freshwater fisheries, and to protect their sensitive environs. We urge you to support this voluntary Code of Practice by applying the following principles when you fish.RESPECT YOUR QUARRY• Release unwanted fish as quickly and gently as you can• Extract the hook by keeping fish in the water if possible• Use wet hands when handling fish• Support the weight of large fish under the belly• Gently ‘swim’ fish to-and-fro to re-oxygenate their gills before final release• Use barbless hooks and knotless landing nets• Dispatch fish you want to keep quickly and humanelyKNOW YOUR REGULATIONS FOR EACH FISHERY• Compliance with regulations will help sustain the fishery• Bag limits are not a challenge - enjoy the angling experience• AND … please observe ALL boating safety regulationsCARE FOR YOUR FISHING ENVIRONMENT• Leave no footprint! Take your rubbish home• Respect our native flora and fauna• Consider a portable toilet when camping• If you need to use the bush, bury your waste deeply• Minimise water and vegetation damage when wadingRESPECT THE RIGHTS OF OTHER ANGLERS• Allow fellow anglers space, whether afloat or on the shore• If boating, please keep 100 metres from anglers on the shore• Observe boat speed limits at all times• Launch and retrieve your boat quickly and efficientlyRESPECT THE RIGHTS OF PROPERTY OWNERS• Access to a fishery through private property is a privilege• Always ask permission to access through private property• Avoid disturbing livestock and/or crops• Leave gates as you find them• Take care when climbing over fence lines• Alert property owners of anything that you think is amiss• Use established tracks and roads at all timesRESPECT INDIGENOUS SITES• Do not disturb aboriginal middens which are often close to water• Please drive around, not through, aboriginal midden sitesCAMP FIRES• Observe regulations governing ‘fuel stove only’ areas• Never light fires on private land unless you have owner permission• Use designated or already formed fireplaces – don’t start a new one• Please … please … only use fallen wood. Better still, bring your ownBE A CUSTODIAN OF OUR TROUT FISHERYBe alert to unacceptable behaviour or illegal activity that may impact on the sustainability of our trout fisheries and their environs. Do not hesitate to report any such behaviour or activity to 1800 333 000, providing as much detail as you can. Remember, this report can be anonymous.