AAT Minutes of GM Aug 2017


10am Sunday 13 August 2017Campbell Town Hotel, Campbell Town PresentGary France Chair, Terry Byard Vice Chair, Michael Caminada Exec Committee , John Broomby Exec Committee, Denis Edwards Exec Officer, Adrian Hope Tas Fly Fishing Assoc., Sheryl Thompson, Charles Thompson NWFA, Nick Baldock President NWFA, Mark Rockliff Ulverstone Angling Club, Michael Caminada Independent North, Howard Jones BOD Sports Anglers, Michael Mighall BOD Sports Anglers, Bruce Gilham Corralin FF and Casting Assoc, Wayne Ballette Tas Fly Tyers Club, John Francis STLAA Delegate, , Keith Symons Independent South, Chris Wisniewski IFSApologiesMalcolm Crosse, Alan Gordon, Robert ChandlerMinutes of previous meetingMotion: “to accept the minutes of the meeting held Sun 28 May 2017 at Man O‘Ross Hotel, Ross”Moved: T Byard Seconded: M CaminadaFinancialsThe Financial Report was tabled at the AGM held prior to the GMMatters arisingC Thompson reported that the NWFA was against Four Springs being an “open all year” waterInland Fisheries Service ReportChris Wisniewski presented a comprehensive report which is available on the IFS and AAT websites.Matters arisingA Hope .. can the postal survey be sent out earlier in the season ?H Jones .. now that Lake Leake is used for irrigation can an MOU on water levels be put in place. Suggested that letters be written to the Minister and IFS and Tas Irrigation be invited to speak at the next AAT GMM Caminada … what controls are in place for commercial eelers to limit damage to trout food supply,by-catch and biosecurity threats? Should waters available be more limited ?A Hope … should Talbots Lagoon have a later opening date because of its later spawning time ?C Thompson … are Blackfish included in bag limits ?The report as usual was very well received and Gary France complimented the IFS on the quality of the report.Meeting with Minister AAT Executive met with Minister Rockliff at Launceston on 6 July and a report was tabled detailing the following matters that were discussed :Gowan Brae Access – the Minister will take this up with TACMaintenance Funding for Angler Access ProjectsAutomation of outflow control gates at Bronte and Little PineCar/trailer parking at Lake St ClairTWWHA aircraft code of practice- the Minster will write to ParksSalmon HatcheriesWorld Fly Fishing Championships 2019Strategic Plan 2018 -2023T Byard presented a draft AAT Stategic Plan 2018-2023 and welcomes comment and feedback from members, IFS and IFACActivity /Financial ReviewJ Broomby discussed the amount of time and money AAT has sourced and expended on projects such as Anglers Access, Webcams, River rehabilitation etc , all at no cost to anglers. These projects have resulted in a greatly increased scope of activities and as a consequence, significant additional administration work as well as generating ongoing maintenance costs.Some suggestions for increasing funding included –Lobby government hard before electionAngler levy ?Fee included in Licence?Thorough review of grants availableBetter use of webcams as income generator eg investigate the development of an AppAny suggestions are welcome and as mentioned in the AGM Financials an AAT sub- committee is reviewingactivities and future financial needs.Webcam ReviewA webcam review by Malcolm Crosse , for the last years operation, was tabled. It included the systems performance, replacement, maintenance and running costs, possibilities for the coming year and Google Analytics for webcam traffic which averaged 495 hits/day and a max of 2,801 hits in one day.TWWHA Management PlanAn AAT letter to Jason Jacobi, General Manager Parks and Wildlife Service was tabled along with his replywhich indicated some possible ways of input to the EOI process.Parks is developing a tourism plan for the TWWHA and key stakeholders such as the AAT will have an opportunity for input into its development.All correspondence to the AAT on TWWHA concerns including Gowan Brae were tabledLake PaloonaJohn Broomby tabled a letter from Hydro to members of the Mersey Forth Recreational Management Committee on Recreational Navigation on Lake Paloona which stated that Hydro supports the lake being managed for passive recreation, such as rowing, kayaking, angling, swimming, walking , picnicking and sightseeing.Hydro will not support the development of boat ramps or pontoons , or the use of powered vessel navigation.Rowallan boat rampRowallan boat ramp missed out on RBF funding in the 2016-17 round and members voiced safety concerns on the Lake without a ramp. It seems freshwater projects did not fare well and feedback from MAST is needed. DE to talk to P Hopkins.River Leven projectJ Broomby reported on a meeting last Friday with Peter Stronach to inspect the site prior to ordering trees for planting. The willow removal has been successful with no evidence of regrowth, and 100 plants have been ordered for planting on Sat 7 Oct. Volunteers from clubs would be greatly appreciated, if you or your club can help please ring John 0417 395 557Bothwell Bushfest Sat/Sun 18/19 Nov 2017AAT to book a site and T Byard will organise the IFS trailer. Volunteers are needed to man the display for half a day, one day or both days - for a job interview phone Denis 0428 84 1166, success guaranteed !Boating recommendations Penstock and Little Pine Lagoons Last week, IFS and AAT staff set up the recommended outboard motor corridor for Penstock Lagoon and the recommended outboard motor free zone at Little Pine Lagoon. Boat users are asked to familiarize themselves with these arrangements to help protect the fragile weed beds which characterize these shallow lagoons. Details of the arrangements are contained in the 2017/18 Angling Code, on signposting at Penstock Boat Ramp and soon at the ramp at Little Pine. The Penstock Anglers Access Brochure includes details of the outboard motor corridor and the Little Pine Access Brochure will be amended in due course. Additionally, Anglers Alliance has produced a detailed flyer which will be distributed at the boat ramps by IFS Fisheries Officers.General BusinessChris Wisniewski urged anglers to get behind the “Fishers 4 Fish Habitat” Sat 19 Aug 2017 at Campbell Town. It’s for free and still not too late to enrol ph 6333 7777Bruce Gilham reported on the success of the Van Dieman’s “kids fly fishing day “and that it may be run throughout the state.Michael Caminada asked how the King William fish trap performed and would there be any for Waterhouse?Adrian Hope expressed concern that access to Olive Lagoon and Ina Lake is being denied to long term traditional users. AAT to write to Minister Groom.Masters Games Fly Fishing still has vacancies for competitors and is in need of volunteers, phone Adrian on 0417 134 675North West Fly Fishing Club will shortly be having its 50th anniversary celebrationsNick Baldock encouraged AAT to keep making representation to the government for funding on behalf of the 25,000 freshwater anglersGone Fishing Day/Junior Fishing Day Sun 15 Oct to be combined this year. Discussion took place on the likely venues and need to get organised well in advance to ensure fish stocks.Correspondence>Copy of a letter from Malcolm Crosse to David Ikedife , Hydro, regarding increased weed growth on Penstock and consequent concerns on its possible condition for the 2019 World Fly Fishing Championships.>Thank you letter from Chris Colley , Parks, for the thank you letter from J Broomby on behalf of AATfor works carried out on the Brushy Lagoon road.ACTION LISTAAT Executive Activity/Finance review, including feasibility of developing an AppLake Leake, letter to Minister/IFS requesting MOU on min. drawdown levelsInvite Tas Irrigation to next meetingGowan Brae access , letter to Minister GroomFish hatcheries, letter to Minister GroomEmail clubs for Leven volunteersCommunicate AATcommunity projects to TelstraFishers 4 Water, email clubsGone Fishing Day/Junior Angling Day organisationNEXT MEETING 10am Sunday 12 Nov 2017