AAT General Meeting Nov 2017


MINUTES OF THE GENERAL MEETING10am Sunday 12 Nov 2017Man O’Ross Hotel, Ross PresentGary France Chair, Terry Byard Vice Chair, Malcolm Crosse Exec Committee, John Broomby Exec Committee , Michael Caminada Exec Committee, Charles Thompson NWFA, Sheryl Thompson NWFA, Nick Baldock NWFA, Wayne Ballette Tas Fly Tyers Club, Howard Jones BOD Sports Anglers, Alan Gordon BOD Sports Anglers, John Francis STLAA, Keith Symons Indep South, Denis Edwards Exec Officer, Donna Brown and Paul Molnar Hydro, Tim Farrell IFS ApologiesRobert Chandler, Roger Butler, Mike Stevens Battery of the Nation- Pumped Hydro Energy StorageDonna Brown and Paul Molnar from Hydro gave a detailed and enlightening presentation on how pumped hydro works, its relationship to wind/solar renewables and the probable effects on storages and water flow. In fact there may be positive outcomes for water management and lake levels. Inland Fisheries Service ReportTim Farrell presented a comprehensive report which is available on the IFS and AAT websites. Draft Tasmanian Inland Recreation Fishery Management Plan 2018-28Tim Farrell presented the Draft Plan and encouraged input from clubs and anglers by phoning or emailing Tim – 6165 3805 or Tim.Farrell@ifstas.gov.au or IFS , PO Box 575,New Norfolk Tas 7140. All submissions must be in by Mon Dec 18 2017Tim will be presenting the plan at the Miena Community Centre 6pm Frid 17 Nov 2017The Draft Plan is available on the IFS     websiteRobust discussion followed and concern was expressed at a late unpublished amendment which included a proposal for an extended season on Macquarie, South Esk below Avoca and Brumbies Creek. M Crosse moved a motion “that the proposed extended season on these rivers not be supported” seconded by S Thompson and the motion was carried. Minutes of previous meetingMotion: “to accept the minutes of the meeting held Sun 13 Aug 2017 at Man O’Ross Hotel,Ross”Moved: H Jones       Seconded: S ThompsonMatters arising :H Jones requested Lake Leake and Tooms Lake water level MOU’s be followed upConstitution amendment Changes to the Associations Incorporation (Model Rules) Regulations 2007 have been amended in 2016 to allow Incorporated associations with revenue of less than $250,000 to no longer have to :

  • appoint an auditor as part of the model rules
  • present audited statements at the AGM
  • appoint an auditor at the AGM

However some grants may require an audited statement and in such cases it is possible to elect to have audited statements as described in existing Cl.22 A Special Resolution was moved by T Byard :“Proposed Cl. 21. will not require an auditor to be appointed and to be changed to read :  

  1. Audit of Accounts

     Rule 10A. Exemptions under the Act of the Associations Incorporation (Model Rules)      Regulations 2007 including the 2016 amendments be incorporated as follows :      (1) For any financial year that the Alliance is exempt from the requirement to be audited            by virtue of section 24(1B) or (1C) of the Act –      (a) an auditor is not required to be appointed for that financial year under rule 9 unless            the Alliance elects to have the financial affairs of the Alliance for that financial year            audited in accordance with the Act and these rules; and       (b) if an auditor is not appointed for a financial year by virtue of paragraph (a) –      (i)   rules 9 and 10 do not apply in respect of the Alliance for that financial year; and      (ii) rule 11(5)(b), to the extent that it relates to an auditor, does not does not apply in                  respect of the annual general meeting held by the Alliance in respect of that financial           year; and     (iii) rule 11(5)(d) does not apply in respect of the annual general meeting held by the            Alliance in respect of that financial year.   (2) For any financial year that the Alliance is exempt from the requirements to provide            an annual return by virtue of section 24B(1B) of the Act, the committee must provide,           as part of the ordinary business of the annual general meeting for that financial           year, a copy of the annual financial report given under the Australian Charities and            Not-for-profits Commission Act 2012 of the Commonwealth in respect of that            financial year. Cl.22 to remain as is but the heading to be changed to read: 

  1. Where an audit of accounts is required   “

 Motion: “That the changes be incorporated in the Constitution”Moved : T Byard     Seconded : M Crosse.   CarriedFinancialsThe Annual Income Statement for the year ended 30 June 2017 was tabled together with the current balances of the four AAT bank accountsMotion: “That the financial statement be accepted”Moved : T Byard   Seconded : K Symonds Gone Fishing/Junior Anglers DayDiscussion was had on possible improvements and it was thought that improved funding to provide more prizes, food etc would help. Funding request to be made at meeting with Minister 20 Nov 2017 HOF nominationNomination for Bevan Stewart was tabled for consideration by the HOF Committee AAT Membership proposalDiscussion was had on the proposal to have Marcus Ambrose, a Lodge member of TGALT, become a TGALT representative to AAT and it was felt that his nomination should be supported as AAT rules allow for two TGALT representatives.This could be done by TGALT nominating Marcus as a proxy for the second TGALT representative or he attend regularly as a visitor National Fly Fishing Championships Tasmania 30 Nov – Dec 2017M Crosse reported that this event will be held over five venues – Little Pine and Penstock Lagoons, Woods Lake , Meander and Mersey Rivers. The team for the World Championships will be chosen on the results.Need controllers and this would be good experience for controller at the World Championships 2019. Contact Malcolm on 0429 870 550 Great Forester Water Management PlanM Caminada to represent AAT at the DPIPWE review of the Great Forester WMP Masters Games Fly FishingM Crosse reported that the event was well run but disappointed that they were not well supported Habitat FundG France reported that Tony Wright has regained IFS control of the fund and ideas are needed for projects that may be suitable for funding Meeting with Minister Mon 20 Nov 2017Finance sub-committee to meet with Minister Rockliff to discuss on going government financial support for AATMeeting with Labor PartyMeeting to be set up for AAT to make Labor Party aware of our presence and needs Bushfest Sat 18 and Sun 19 NovPossibly T Byard and D Edwards on Sat, M Crosse and K Symons on Sun CorrespondenceTyenna RiverEmails from Jim Morris and David Dick were tabled expressing concern at erosion, siltation and log jams on the Tyenna River to the east and west of Maydena. This has seen a major decline of insect life and consequently fish numbers.It appears that poor forestry practices that allow logging to the edge of the river are the cause of this and that AAT will contact Norske Skog to make them aware of the problem and seek a solution to rehabilitate the river. The Government will be lobbied to amend the legislation to include the provision of adequate buffer zone with suitable riparian planting on all rivers to prevent further and future erosion problems.Little LakeEmail from Ron Harvey was tabled which expressed concern at the amount of damagebeing done by outboards to the shallow lake and the possibility of making it a artificial only water. AAT to seek IFS opinion.Penstock LagoonEmails from Malcolm Crosse tabled expressing concerns about damage to the lagoon from outboards and their disregard for the recommended boat use protocols. Cormorants still seem a problem and additionally there is weed growth on the western shore that may compromise the lagoon as a venue in the 2019 Worlds if it develops further. AAT to write to Hydro.Fly Fish only proposalEmail tabled by M Crosse seeking comments on proposals for certain areas of Bronte, Woods and the Cowpaddock to be fly fish only waters met with a negative response and it was thought that the proposal needs more detailWoodwards CanalEmailed reply from Hydro tabled following a request from AAT for better monitoring of lagoon levels at Bronte. Remote monitoring of the gate would be very difficult due to the design of the gates and there could also be significant safety issues. However the assessment recommended additional intervention by local operators and this should result in reduced variability over the October to April period. Letter of thanks to be sent to Hydro.Hydro Chairman’s Industry BriefingT Byard reported very positively on the briefing with the chairman expressing Hydro’s intent on providing good community relationships and access to Hydro waters. Hydro announced they will be a major sponsor for the 2019 World Fly Fishing Championships and extended the MOU’s with IFS to 2020.BOM Meeting Tues 24 NovAny questions you have for BOM email to anglersalliance@gmail.comForestry chemical program`Brochure tabled General businessBronteJ Francis reported that hoons are destroying the track from the Lyell Hwy to Tailers Bay and that a gate or fence is needed to prevent further damage. M Crosse /IFS to be consulted.John also reported “Keep Out Private Property”sign on the western side of Woodwards Canal. IFS/Hydro to be consulted. Ada LagoonH Jones reported that the footbridge between Ada Lagoon and Lake Ada is badly damaged.Parks to be notifiedRagwort removal Sat17- Sun 18 Feb T Byard calling for volunteers for NRM ragwort removal weekend on Great LakeLadies Day Hiscutt ParkS Thompson warned of a Ladies Day on 2 Dec 2017 and a Family Day on 3 Dec 2017Water QualityJ Broomby suggested that AAT keep pursuing water quality issues with the EPA/DPIPWEBiosecurityS Thompson suggested that the biosecurity arrangements with vehicles arriving on TOLL vessels be checked out with Biosecurity Tas ACTION LIST

  • Lake Leake and Tooms Lake water level MOU’s be followed up
  • AAT response to IFS Draft Management Plan
  • Tyenna River – Norske Skog and Forestry to be contacted
  • Woodwards Canal - check access on western side
  • Bronte- thank you letter to Hydro for maintaining levels on opening day
  • Little Lake – follow up boating issues
  • Toll vessels – check with biosecurity

   NEXT MEETING   10am Sunday 25 Feb

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