Minutes - AAT General Meeting Feb 2018


MINUTES OF THE GENERAL MEETING10.30am Sunday 25 Feb 2018Thousand Lakes Lodge, Lake AugustaPresentGary France Chair, Terry Byard Vice Chair, Malcolm Crosse Exec Committee, John Broomby Exec Committee , Charles Thompson NWFA, Sheryl Thompson NWFA, Nick Baldock NWFA, Evelyn Baldock NWFA, Wayne Ballette Tas Fly Tyers Club, Bruce Gilham Corralin FF and Casting Asssoc, Howard Jones BOD Sports Anglers, Alan Gordon BOD Sports Anglers, John Francis STLAA, Keith Symons Indep South, Marcos Ambrose TGALT , Denis Edwards Exec Officer, Neil Morrow IFS, John Diggle Director IFSGary France welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked Marcos Ambrose for generously hosting the meeting at Thousand Lakes LodgeApologiesMichael Caminada, Adrian Hope, Robert ChandlerAnglers Access Neil Morrow reviewed the recently completed South Esk Anglers Access project as well as some other completed and current projects including :• Four Springs wheelchair accessible angling platform done in conjunction with the Meander Valley Council• Cumbungi removal at Four Springs• Improved boat access at Augusta Dam in conjunction with Hydro• Annual river Anglers Access maintenance• Navigation lights battery replacement• Bronte – Red Rock track upgrade and successful persuasion of land owner to remove illegal “keep out” signs on Woodwards CanalFuture projects include :• Camden Dam access• Briseis mine hole lake access• RBF projects - Lake Rowallan and Lake Burbury boat ramps• Neil suggested that proposed biosecurity responsibilities for farmers could impact anglers access to propertiesInland Fisheries Service ReportJohn Diggle presented a comprehensive report which is available on the IFS and AAT websites.Minutes of the previous meetingMotion: “to accept the minutes of the meeting held Sun 12 Nov 2017 at Man O’ Ross Hotel, Ross”Moved : T Byard Seconded : J BroombyFinancialsThe current balances of the four AAT bank accounts were tabled.Motion : “That the financials be accepted “Moved : M Crosse Seconded : S ThompsonAAT submission to Tasmanian Inland Recreational Fishery Management plan 2018-28The submission was tabled and briefly explained by T ByardTGALT representation on AATDiscussion was had on the formalisation of Marcos Ambrose’s request to be on the AAT Committee. It was suggested that this could be achieved either as –a. A visitor to Meetingsb. A Lodge member TGALT representativeor c. A proxy TGALT representativeAlternatives ‘b’ and ‘c’ require formalisation with TGALT.Fisheries Habitat Improvement FundJ Diggle tabled a brochure that explains the background and the administration of the fundand a donation form for donations which are tax deductible. The brochure will be available on the IFS and AAT websites. Guidelines for projects suitable for funding are being developed.A discussion of possible funding of willow removal on rivers took place and G France reported that a newly arrived, leaf eating, immigrant willow grub has been found in the north of the state – see www.troutterritory.com.auMeeting with MinisterThe finance sub-committee of J Broomby, M Caminada and D Edwards met withMinister Rockliff on 20 Nov requesting $60,000/annum funding for AAT, which the Minister said he would take to the Budget Estimates Committee (see Correspondence)The same format was presented to Shane Broad MP, Labor shadow Minister at a meeting onthe 1 Dec.Legislative Council Select Committee on Irrigation TasJ Broomby and M Caminada represented AAT on the Select Committee review of Irrigation TasThe meeting moved a vote of thanks to the finance sub-committee and to John and Michael for the Select Committee presentation.Activity reportsRiver LevenJ Broomby reported on the successful willow removal program with only a small amount of follow up spraying needed and an almost 100% strike rate of riparian planting.Four Springs cumbungi removalJ Broomby reported on a successful cumbungi removal project with himself and N Morrow which will allow for easier control in the future.Great Lake ragwort working beeT Byard reported on a very successful two day working bee which was done in conjunction with the Derwent Project Group, a 4wd club and private individualsMersey/RowallanJ Broomby gave a brief up-date on the Mersey Forth Recreation Committees activitiesToiletsD Edwards reported that working drawings are now complete and tenders are being called for construction while meetings with Hydro and Highlands Council can now go ahead to finalise administration and maintenance matters.S Thompson suggested that rubbish bins should be part of the discussions.M Ambrose cautioned on possible AAT liability when the toilets are operational and suggested that it should be a government responsibility to fund the management, running and maintenance costs.Car stickersT Byard outlined costs of AAT bumper stickers --500 stickers $ 560 + GST1000 stickers $ 710 + GST2,500 stickers $1070+ GSTIt was agreed to order 2,500 stickersAgfest Thurs 3, Fri 4, Sat 5, May 2018A shared site with the World FF Championship crew has been booked and possible volunteers to man the site are J Broomby, M Crosse, Gary France and M Caminada and any club volunteers that may be interested ?Exec Committee phone hook-upsNotes on the last three months phone hook-ups were tabled.The phone hook-ups take place on the first Mon in each month and have been going for some 5 years . It was suggested that the monthly notes be regularly emailed to the AAT Committee.CorrespondenceEmail from Minister tabled detailing Government funding promises :• $215,000 over four years to Anglers Alliance Tasmania, the peak group representing 26,000 trout anglers, to support its work to improve the trout fishery and support anglers;• $30,000 to work with Trout Guides and Lodges Tasmania and Anglers Alliance Tasmania to market and promote angling tourism and the Trout Expo, capitalising on the international profile the world fly fishing championships will bring to Tasmania’s trout fisheries;• $200,000 to expand the Inland Fisheries Service’s (IFS) Anglers Access Program across priority lakes and rivers in the North West, North East, and Derwent Catchments in partnership with Anglers Alliance Tasmania and local angling clubs; and• $300,000 over two years for the IFS in collaboration with Anglers Alliance Tasmania and local authorities to build and upgrade existing and new community amenities (such as toilets and refuse sites adjacent to existing boat ramps) to support high-visitation fishing locations.Toll vessels biosecurityEmail from Biosecurity Tas tabled advising that an inspector is present and inspects all Toll vessels and cargo arriving in Devonport .Parks Permit Lakes Pedder/Gordon Letter from Parks to Stephen Pestrucci tabled detailing areas where a Parks Pass is is or is not required.M Crosse suggested that the Minister be approached to review the need for a Parks Pass for anglers fishing waters in National Parks.Fly Fishing TourismEmail and letter from Euan Leckie to the Premier tabledLake Ina and Olive accessT Byard has received an email from an angling friend suggesting that access to Lake Ina is possible via a key available at the Bronte store .Access to Olive Lagoon via Gowan Brae may be possible with permission from the Tasmanian Aboriginal Land Council ph 6231 0288Waratah Dam Letter from AAT to the Minister objecting the closure tabled – we await the outcome of tenders for the sale of the dam.Hydro Community Grant FundGrants up to $5000 available for not for profit organisations (eg Clubs) , closing date 31 March 2018. www.hydro.com.au/community/community-grantsGeneral BusinessAATM Crosse related that “Trout Unlimited”, the peak fly fishing body in America with 200,000 members is a powerful lobby group and suggested that with 26,000 licensed freshwater anglers in Tasmania , AAT should have a seat on relevant government boards.M Ambrose suggested with the present Government push for angling tourismthis is an ideal time to lobby for better representation and outcomes for freshwater fishing.Rowallan boat rampJ Broomby reported that IFS , Hydro and Mast are reviewing the possibilitiesClean up Aust DayJ Diggle reminded clubs that Clean Up Aust Day is Sun 4 March and Clubs should register with Clean Up Aust www.cleanupaustraliaday.org.auLake EchoT Byard suggested that Ian Fitzgerald (Recfish Council SthAust ) be contacted about the outcome of his lobbying the windfarm company for access to the east side of Lake EchoJunior Angling DayT Byard is liaising with the AFTA to supply five combo kits per venue for Junior Angling DaySouth EskA Gordon reported very low flows on the South EskACTION LIST• Tyenna River – contact Norske Skog• Habitat Fund – post brochure on website• Agfest - email clubs for volunteers• Parks Access – submission to Minister• Clean UP Aust Day – contact clubs• Lake Echo access – contact Ian Fitzgerald• Review AAT’s position with Government bodiesNEXT MEETING 10am Sunday 27 May 2018

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