Tyenna River Willow Control Program


Derwent Catchment Project have been working with Inland Fisheries Service to develop a 5-year plan for willow control along the Tyenna River. This plan initially focuses on willow removal and revegetation along sections of the river running through Lanoma Estate, due to significant in-kind investment from the landholder and support from the Anglers Access program.

In the second year the plan looks upstream, with an aim to eradicate willows in the upper stretches of the Tyenna River through targeted works with contractors and help from the willow warriors, a group of volunteer anglers who enjoy fishing the river. These efforts will help to link restoration works by Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service, Wildcare volunteers and Norske Skog.

Join the willow warriors at a planting to replace recently removed willows with native trees and shrubs and help with a Mayfly Muster.

Our Mayfly Muster will contribute to the National Waterbug Blitz and be a great opportunity to learn more about waterbugs and what they can tell us about river health.

Where: Lanoma Estate, Westerway

When: 10 am to 3 pm on Wednesday 17 October

For more details and to RSVP get in touch with:

Neil (Neil.Morrow@ifs.tas.gov.au or 0438 279 421) or

Magali (magali@derwentctachement.org or 0424 277 226)

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