AAT - General Meeting Minutes 25/11/18

10.00 am Sunday 25 November 2018
The Grange, Campbell Town

Gary France Chair, Michael Caminada Exec Committee, Michael Caminada Exec Committee , John Broomby  Exec Committee, Denis Edwards Exec Officer, Howard Jones BOD Sports Anglers, Alan Gordon BOD Sports Anglers, Keith Symons Indep South 

Terry Byard, Wayne Bellette, Christopher Cohen, Johnathon Wadwell, Mark Rockliff, Adrian Hope, John Diggle 

Minutes of the previous meeting and matters arising
H Jones urged that AAT review past struggles on water quality issues and form a sub- committee to formulate an approach and carry these concerns to the Minister.Shane Broad MP to be informed of AAT’s concerns on the TWWHA.Waratah Dam letter to be forwarded to new Minister.Motion: “to accept the minutes of the previous meeting held Sun 9 Sept 2018 at Zepps, Campbell Town”Moved: J Broomby        Seconded: H Jones 

IFS Report
The IFS Report to Anglers was tabled and discussed. The report is available on the IFS website.The River Extension Trial proposal was debated and concerns were raised on considerations of spawning and pre-spawning fish, how the changes would affect future fishing and the means of monitoring , managing and evaluating  the rivers during spawning time and over  the trial period. Subject to these concerns M Crosse moved that AAT support the trial. Seconded K Symons and carried.It was suggested that AAT write to IFS acknowledging the appreciation of Stephen Hepworths work for the IFS 

The current balances of the four AAT bank accounts were tabled and the yearly budgeted expenditure will be reviewed at the end of this quarter (end of December)Motion: “That the financials be accepted”Moved : M Caminada      Seconded: K Symons 

World Fly Fishing Championships
M Crosse provided an update on the event planning including the purchase of boats, parking and temporary pontoon construction at Penstock, river access etcThere is an urgent need for pre-event accommodation as the wind farm construction workers have taken much of the available  accommodation . There are also opportunities to host a team. If you can help phone Malcolm Crosse 0429 870 550                            An email from M Crosse (WFFC Director) was tabled outlining proposed water closures prior to and during the WFFC --Thurs 18 Oct 2018   “ have discussed the water closures for the WFFC on the basis that Penstock Lagoon ,Little Pine Lagoon and Woods lake be closed to all fishing from  midnight Friday  30th November 2091  until close of the WFFC competition on 6th December 2019  total of 7 days .For the rivers ,The Meander River and the Mersey River both rivers be controlled as “Catch and Release “from the start of the 2019 season on in the areas to be used for the competition until the end of the competition on 6th December.2019  On both rivers the areas to be used for the competition be closed to angling for three weeks prior to the competition (starting midnight of the 11th November 2019  until the close of competition on the 6th December  2019.).”The proposals were discussed and J Broomby moved that the proposals be endorsed by the AAT, seconded K Symons and unanimously  supported. 

Junior Angling Day Sun 14 Oct 2018
A report on junior anglers day was tabled and the following discussion engendered further support for the juniors anglers program, including AAT involvement in the organisation of fish for junior events.A suggestion for setting up a fly fishing program for juniors was floated. 

Mersey Forth Recreational Management Committee
J Broomby tabled a report on which included the progress of the Lake Rowallan boat ramp, Lake Cethana boat ramp upgrade by Hydro and new pontoons at Kentish Park by MAST 


  • Letter to new Minister Guy Barnett tabled congratulating him on his appointment and outlining some topics for discussion at AAT’s ministers meeting in February

  • An email tabled from Neil Morrow, IFS with a paper outlining the IFS response to the Livestock Production Assurance Program and Angler Access concerns

  • Email from Hydro tabled detailing recreation improvements at Bradys Lake

  • DPIPWE letter thanking AAT for comment on the draft Guiding Principles for Statuary Water Management Planning in Tasmania

  • Letter to Minister seeking possibility of access to NE shore of Lake Echo

  • Email from Peter Tyrell tabled detailing concerns that current forest practices are having on the health of the Tyenna River and seeking input to the upcoming review of the Forest Practices Code

  • Copy of a letter to Southern Midlands Council from Paul Curry reporting his concern about a locked gate over a public road at the eastern end of Craigbourne Dam

  • Flyer tabled for Lake Malbena meeting 15-2pm Tues 27 Nov Hobart Town Hall

 General business

  • Brett Smith to be congratulated for his great efforts in organising Fishers and Walkers Against Helicopter Access

  • Suggested that Silver Plains, Lake Sorell needs infrastructure upgrade prior to opening

  • AAT to check Flylife forum on Lake Malbena proposal

  • AAT letter needed to Tourism Industry Council refuting their statements that the opposition to Malbena is just another green anti everything reaction

  • Out of pocket expenses approved for J Broomby and T Byard

  • A Gordon expressed concern at the amount of dams (illegal?) across creeks in the Break O’Day catchment

  • J Broomby flagged a further willow removal project on the River Leven

  • Need for a review of AAT participation and performance at events such as Trout Weekend, Bushfest, Agfest etc and better promotion material needed for these events.

 Action list

  • Items for discussion with Minister

  • Water quality/management sub-committee to revue

  • TWWHA letter to Shane Broad ALP

  • Waratah Dam resend letter to new Minister

  • Letter to IFS on River Extension Trial

  • Letter to IFS acknowledging S Hepworth’s contribution

  • Letter to IFS on WFFC Management of competition waters


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