AAT General Meeting March 2019

10.00 am Sunday 31 March 2019
The Grange, Campbell Town

Gary France Chair, Terry Byard Vice Chair, Malcolm Crosse Exec Committee, Michael Caminada Exec Committee, Howard Jones Exec Committee, John Broomby Northern Clubs,  Alan Gordon BOD Sports Anglers, Christopher Cohen Corralin FF and Casting Assoc, Charles Thompson NWFA, Daryl Lovell NWFA, Peter Coventry Devonport Anglers Club, Brett Smith Indep NW, Keith Symons Indep South, Denis Edwards Exec Officer, John Diggle IFS 

ApologiesAdrian Hope, Wayne Bellette, Johnathon Wadwell, Mark Rockliff 

Minutes of the previous meeting and matters arising
Motion: “to accept the minutes of the previous meeting held 10 am Sun 25 Nov 2018 at The  Grange, Campbell Town “  Moved: T Byard    Seconded: K Symons 

Nominations for vacancy on Executive Committee
John Broomby’s letter of resignation from the Exec Committee was tabled he was thanked for his valuable contribution.Two nominations were received, one from Mark Rockliff and one from Howard Jones and in the subsequent ballot Howard Jones was elected 

Inland Fisheries Report
John Diggle tabled the comprehensive IFS Report to Anglers for Dec 2018 to Feb 2019 which as usual was much appreciated by the members. Subsequent discussion included –Trout Weekend arrangements and IFS Photo Competition details to be posted on AAT website.C Thompson raised concerns about the commercial eel fishery especially on Four Springs and proposed that “Due to biosecurity concerns and obstruction by nets to anglers that Four Springs no longer be stocked with elvers and that no commercial eel fishing be allowed in this water” the proposal was seconded by Malcolm Crosse.It was suggested that AAT develop a relationship with the eel industry and invite them to an AAT GMJ Diggle flagged that the 10 year regulation review is due by July 1920 and that the main change discussed was in relation to Estuary Perch and the change from a zero bag recreational species to a Protected Fish under a Protected Fish Order. The change would give EP’s the same status as Australian Grayling, anglers would no longer able be to target the species. The reason for the change is due to the single location, the small number of individuals in the population, variable recruitment and the risk that catch and release angling may lead to increased mortality and put the population at further risk.

The current balances of the four bank accounts were tabled.M Crosse suggested that to increase the reliability cameras on Penstock and Little Pine new cameras may be needed.C Thompson requested AAT help with construction costs of approx. $300 for the screens at Hiscutt Park , M Crosse moved that this be done and was seconded by K Symons 

Meeting with the Minister Barnett
5pm Tues 12 Feb LauncestonThe agenda for the meeting was tabled and as this was the first meeting with the new Minister the meeting was largely bringing the Minister up to speed with current AAT activities and concerns 

Lake Sorell
Terry Byard tabled notes, used at the meeting with the Minister which detailed issues with access to Silver Plains and adjacent waters. It was suggested that if this is not resolved shortly that AAT request a meeting with Tasmania Land  Conservancy and Crown Land Services. 

Peter and Karen Brooks Trout Unlimited Report to AAT
The very comprehensive report on their 18 day trip to Colorado with hosts Colorado Trout Unlimited was tabled . The report shares the knowledge of TU work in conserving cold water habitats.Exec Committee to discuss the way forward that this report may offer AAT and then report back to the Committee,Letter of thanks to sent to the Brooks for their incredible work with an invitation to speak at an AAT GM 

World Fly Fishing Championships
The proposed temporary regulation changes for the competition waters were tabled and Malcolm Crosse thanked the AAT for their support. The proposed changed will be posted on the AAT website and can also be seen on the IFS website. 

Junior Anglers fish requirements
T Byard thanked Mark Rockliff for his work on proposed stocking needs for 2019/20 and tabled the stocking chart and price estimate of $7,500T Byard proposed that AAT pay for this years fish and lobby the Minister for future government supply of fish for junior anglers.Similarly it was agreed that a once off payment of $250 be made to the NWFFC of Tas for supply of fish for their Novice Fly Fishing Expo at Hiscutt Park 27 Oct 2019. 

Toilet construction update
D Edwards reported that Chris Wisniewski the IFS Project Manager has the ten toilets well under construction and they are scheduled for completion late in April 2019. Toilet locations are Tungatinah, Penstock(2), Bronte, Bradys, Little Pine, Augusta, Woods, Sorell and Four Springs.  

Mersey/Forth Recreation Committee Report    
John Broomby reported that the Rowallen boat ramp construction will commence shortly when the water levels recede.John expressed concern of the effects pumped hydro will have on river flows and lake levels in the system and will take this up at Hydro’s presentation to AAT (possibly at the next GM) 

Lake Malbena
Brett Smith flagged a proposed rally to be organised by the Fishers and Walkers Against Helicopter Access Tasmania and reported that the group continues to attract support from other interested parties .Brett was commended for his initiative and work in keeping this issue alive. The ABC 7.30 report that Brett took part in, on heavy metal pollution in Dove Lake has yet to be aired. 

AAT’s webmaster Sam Shelley has suggested that the present format of the AAT website is becoming restrictive and he is working on a new more flexible format that comes with an updated fail safe hosting system. 


  • Letter from DPIPWE on Rural Water Strategy was tabled and a reply to be sent indicating AAT wishes to participate fully in formulating the strategy

  • Background information tabled on heavy metal contamination in Dove Lake and other waters

  • Email from Environment Tasmania tabled calling for action on the pollution in the Derwent River catchment

  • Letter of support for Tyenna River Willow Control program tabled

  • Letter of support for RBF Lake Leake floating pontoon tabled

  • Hydro invitation for Battery of the Nation update

 General business       

  • C Thompson reported on the need for Parks to show some consistency on allowable boat propulsion on lakes eg Lake Lea has a sign “No Powered Vessels” despite an agreement to the contrary, while Ada Lagoon is being damaged by outboards and would be better without them.

  • Lake Isandula, Tas Water user survey discussed

  • J Broomby moved that the notes of the Exec Committee meetings be emailed to the General Committee. Seconded: C Thompson

 Action list

  • Website posts

  • Trout Weekend display/brochures etc

  • Eel industry liaison

  • Brooks report action

  • Junior Anglers fish - request to Minister for funding

  • Reply to DPIPWE on Rural Water Strategy

  • Letter to Parks about boat/outboard use on lakes

 NEXT MEETING      Sun 26 May or Sun 2 June 

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