Minutes AAT Meeting 27 Nov 2011

ANGLERS ALLIANCE TASMANIAMINUTES FOR GENERAL MEETINGSunday 27 November 2011, 10am, Zeps Campbell TownPresentMike Stevens AFTA Chair, Gary France TGALT Exec Committee,John Diggle Director IFS , John Broomby Northern Forum, Alan Gordon BOD,Norm Cribbin STLAA, Greg Peart Indep Sth, Phil Williams Northern Clubs,Charles Thompson NWFA, Nick Baldock NWFA, Maurice Hendley Fly Fishing Club of Tas,    Denis Edwards Exec AssistantApologiesNRM South, Terry Byard, Malcolm Crosse, Michael Caminada, Peter Murphy, Roger Butler, Leroy Tirant, Steve Bax, Adrian HopeMinutes of previous meetingMotion; “to accept the minutes of the meeting held 21 August 2011”Moved; Norm Cribbin   Seconded; John BroombyFinancialsTRADING A/C  Current balance $30,432 which includes $20,180 recovered from Red Jelly.Outstanding accounts – Exec Assist. Aug/Sept/Oct    $ 2,100-  Zeps                                   $   400Outstanding income   -  owing from IFS                    $10,000GRANT A/C  Current balance                                   $ 1,300It was resolved following a request from TGALT that AAT contribute the $1,300 from the Grant A/C to TGALT for their marketing program.Tasmania Community Fund has advised that the AAT grant submission for $60,000 , for Mersey Anglers Access, has been successful. Neil Morrow’s great work has paid off. Completion date for the project is estimated to be March 2013. In total this is a $100,000 project and covers the Mersey from Forth to Lake Parangana.Inland Fisheries ReportJohn Diggle reported on IFS activity –Fish stocking activity sheet tabledWoods Lake protective rock wall has been completed, some road improvement done and further road work to be done next month.Little Pine ramp has been improvedCamerons Lagoon parking area has been improvedIFACs new makeup discussed.Bradys Lake. A survey has confirmed the poor performance of Bradys and a brown trout stocking program is in place to address the problem.Break O’Day . A sustained stocking program has been carried out and this will be continued to be topped up in an effort to increase natural recruitment. Alan Gordon reported that the upper reaches are still dirty with suspected cow effluent.Macquarie River stockings are showing positive results.Northern ForumDiscussion on means of overcoming the inertia of northern clubs to form a forum. DE to email clubs with contact details of Northern reps to help initiate some communication.WebcamsMike Stevens reported in addition to the Arthurs webcam other sites being planned are Great Lake, Augusta (solar), Little Pine (solar), Bronte and Burbury. Thanks to Malcolm Crosse for his incredible work.                  Cameras with 240v supply will be able to zoom and pan.Total cost of installations will be approx. $25,000 with sponsorship to date covering some $10-15,000 from IFS, MAST and fishing tackle stores etc.    Running costs will be $500 to $1,000/year (includes all cameras) and cameras will be insured if affordable.Meeting agreed that AAT fund $12,000 of the $25,000 estimated cost.WebsiteMike Stevens reported progress on upgrades to AAT and Fishing Tasmania websites.AAT site will have management issues, minutes of meetings, contact lists, irrigation links etc, while the Fishing Tasmania site will have the webcam access, fishing news etc. Both sites would be linked and accessible for upgrade postings directly by AAT, making the sites more responsive and up to date.Indicative upgrade costs are from $3000 to $5000 and it was agreed to proceed at the lower end of this price range. It was approved to spend $2,500 and any further amounts requested out of session.Greg FrenchA letter from AAT to Bill Classon at Australian Fishing Network, the publishers of “Trout Waters”was tabled expressing concerns of the criticism of AAT and IFS and that some of the information is in fact incorrect.LiaweneeLetter from Derwent Bridge Chalets saying they have been informed by the Minister for Police and Emergency Services that there will be a replacement for the retiring policeman at Liawenee.BronteJohn Diggle reported that the approved subdivision has addressed the IFS concerns and that there will be a three hectare reserve on the Red Rocks Shore with road access via a public right of way. The shore around the subdivision will still be accessible by a Hydro foreshore reserve.The existing ramp will be upgraded to concrete in Feb.IrrigationTasmanian Irrigation now has up to date information on all irrigation projects on its website  www.tasmanianirrigation.com.auMidlands.  A letter from the Project Manager, Sven Meyer, was tabled stating that the project is scheduled to start construction in April 2012.Concern was raised at that the drawdown MOU between IFS/Hydro is not enforceable and that there may be another Tas Irrigation/Hydro MOU on drawdowns that is not publically available.It was suggested that Norm Cribbin and Terry Byard do a study on the likely drawdown scenarios for Irrigation, Power and the Environment.Macquarie. Concern has been expressed at the water quality downstream from a processing plant at Mt Joy. MS to organise samples for testing.South Esk.  A letter from DPIPWE was tabled that indicates that the WMP will not be delivered until mid 2012.Ringarooma. The ‘Water Management Report for the Ringarooma River Catchment Water Management Plan’ was released in Aug 2011 and a copy tabled.Mersey/ForthAttention is drawn to the ‘Mersey Forth Water Management Review’ which is conducting an online stakeholder survey prior to further discussion with interested parties. www.hydro.com.au/MFWMR/. www.surveymonkey.com/s/8NRWY6Y . Completion date is 15 Dec 2011.PALOONA/ BARRINGTON/CETHANAMultiple use of Lake Barrington has caused some problems and gaining access to Paloona and/or Cethana for angling would relieve some of this pressure. AAT (MS) will do a paper on management possibilities of the three waters. Hydro has agreed to open Paloona and this will be progressed. AAT resolved that Paloona should have a five knot speed limit.OUTBOARDSPenstock Lagoon.  AAT Position paper ‘Boat Management on Penstock Lagoon’ was tabled which highlighted the pollution caused by outboard engines on small shallow waters with little water flow. Two stroke motors are particularly bad polluters and it concluded that the IFS should ban outboards on Penstock Lagoon.It was thought that, although it may cause angst from some club members,that the greater good of the water quality and therefore health of the fishery should prevail.It was resolved to accept the position papers recommendation that outboard motors not be allowed on Penstock Lagoon and that the recommendation be forwarded to IFS requesting that the necessary legislative process be initiated.Boat speed compliance . Concern was raised that many boats either don’t know or are not observing speed limits on inland waters. A number of suggestions to remedy this were made. Mike Stevens to prepare a discussion paper.HuntsmanAAT letter tabled requesting Adrian Paine of Tasmanian Irrigation to allow bait fishing on Huntsman Dam. No reply has been received to date but John Diggle indicated that a phone conversation with Adrian Paine suggested that Tas Irrigation wants no change.Dale BrookVisited by Charles Thompson and Mike Stevens. Requires further work including water samples.North West CapeFonterra have vastly increased dairy cow numbers( up to 40,000?? ) which will have effluent run off issues. John Broomby indicated that there are strict controls on run off. However Fonterra have a bad record of stream pollution in NZ. One for the NWFA.AugustaAn email from Brian Best (an angler) was tabled seeking some clarification on the water level regime, as last summers level of -3m he considers is disastrously low for maintaining fish stocks.Greg Carson of Hydro replied stating that the preferred operating level is around -3m.John Diggle indicated that IFS and Hydro are working on an agreement.General businessBrumbys  Enquiry from Peter Hayes requesting replacement planting to give better fish habitat where willows have been removed on Brumbies. Norm Cribbin indicated that the roots of large trees cause damage to the clay levee banks and Mike Stevens should talk to Angus Swindon from Hydro to see what planting would be acceptable.Theft of gear  from a boat at Jonah Bay on Arthurs Lake and from a car at Camerons Lagoon recently has been reported.Mickah Adams  is filming the Tasmanian wild trout fishery and his request for part funding ok’d - $500 with conditions to be agreed. IFS and Tourism Tas will also contribute.NEXT  MEETING  To be advisedACTION  LISTMS      Paloona/Barrington/Cethana discussion paper on managementoptions.Websites upgradeWater samples from MacquarieDiscussion paper to review boat speed regs on inland waterBrumbys replacement plantingTB/NC Midlands Irrigation – drawdown scenariosCT      Water samples from Dale BrookNorth West Cape. Fonterra dairy no’s/runoffDE      Email NW Clubs on Mersey/Forth surveyFollow up Northern ForumPost Position Paper on Boat Management on Penstock Lagoon onwebsite.