Minutes AAT Meeting 1 April 2012

ANGLERS  ALLIANCE  TASMANIAMINUTES FOR GENERAL MEETINGSunday 1 April 2012, 10am, Zeps Campbell TownPresentTerry Byard STLAA Vice Chair, John Diggle Director IFS,  Gary France TGALT Exec Committee,  Malcolm Crosse TFFA Exec Committee,  John Broomby Northern Forum,  Alan Gordon BOD,  Norm Cribbin STLAA,  Wayne Maxwell NWFA, Michael Caminada Indep North,  Greg Peart Indep South,  Denis Edwards Exec AssistantApologiesMike Stevens, Charles Thompson, Roger Butler, Leroy Tirant, Steve Bax, Adrian Hope, Peter Murphy.The Committee expressed best wishes to Charles for a speedy recovery.Minutes of previous meetingMotion: “to accept the minutes of the meeting held 27 Nov 2011”Moved: Greg Peart    Seconded: Gary FranceFinancialsGRANT ACCOUNT                                                                $       1.12TRADING ACCOUNT                                                             $37,285.00UPCOMING EXPENDITUREWebcams   approx  $12,000Website      approx  $  2,000The Grant Account will receive $66,000 in July from the Tasmanian Commmunity Fund for the Mersey River Anglers Access project.Further income is possible from sales of Fishing Tasmania magazine.Inland Fisheries ReportJohn Diggle reported on IFS activity –The public meeting at Miena on the 4 Feb 2012 to discuss the prohibition of outboards on Penstock Lagoon indicated little support for the proposal.IFS acknowledge the cost of change for individuals but increasing environmental awareness warrants a precautionary approach. IFS willlook at a new proposal with possibly a 5 year phase in period.As part of increasing environmental awareness J.D suggested that the AAT should develop an anglers Code of Practice with an environmental focus that should include issues such as wading , camping , quad bikes etc.Lake Lea. The new Parks and Wildlife access arrangements are available on the IFS website www.ifs.tas.gov.au. A letter from Adrian Hope (NWFA) was tabled which was generally supportive of the changes, but access to the peninsula would provide an ideal camping area and better access to fishing areas. AAT write to Parks on behalf of NWFA.IFS is looking at public access issues resulting from recent sales of property adjoining Great Lake which may compromise access.In reply to concerns from Michael Caminada (Indep Nth) on Atlantic salmon stocking J.D indicated that stocking had stopped at Bradys Lake and that the only waters being stocked are Brushy, Barrington, Craigbourne and Meadowbank. Waters to be stocked must have good access and there is a limited supply of fish.Anglers Access. Tyenna River access infrastructure will be completed for next season.Fergus – the negotiations for access corridors are almost complete.Access possibilities to North Esk and St Pats being considered.Trout Weekend Liawenee 19-20 May 2012. AAT invited to have a presence.Bronte – New ramp complete.Woods – concrete ramp to be constructed. It was noted by some members that tree branches had fallen in the carparkArthurs – Jonah Bay walkway extended.Night time fishing bans may be reviewed on some waters; possibly by changing to fixed times eg say fish to 11pm.Tripliod programme had some teething problems (with gas bubble disease) which led to limited production last year.Penstock outboardsNorm Cribbin presented the STLAA suggested recommendations for water quality management of Penstock Lagoon for the next 5 years and the STLAA has forwarded these recommendations to the IFS for consideration.They contain a raft of management issues and suggested possible responses; they will be circulated by AAT for discussion at the next GM.Commonwealth Fly Fishing ChampionshipsMalcolm Crosse reported that this event was a great success with many comments on Tasmanian hospitality and that this was made possible by the great efforts of the angling community and the IFS staff.Two visiting high profile journalists ( film and magazine ) that covered the event should give invaluable international publicity for the Tasmanian trout fishery.A huge effort - well done Malcolm.WebcamsNot resting on his laurels Malcolm Crosse updated progress on webcam locations -Little Pine, camera to be located on private property on the hill to the west of the dam wall. To be solar powered.Bronte, discussion favoured a location east of the new boat ramp. Land ownership (probably Hydro) and power availability to be investigated.Great Lake, possibly Swan BayAugusta, on the valve house (dam wall)Burbury, the caretakers hut or the caravan park.Further discussion suggested that a camera on the dam wall at Penstock would be useful and also beneficial for management issues.The possibility of a requirement to register online prior to gaining webcam access was discussed as a means of developing a database. Privacy issues would have to be addressed.WebsiteThe new webpage design by Sam Shelley was tabled for comment, and it was suggested that Sam should do a presentation and answer any questions prior to its adoption.The website Fishing Tasmania continues to be a problem and although owned by the AAT, its host, Alan Moult is not answering correspondence, making a change of host difficult.The use of this website and its link to the AAT website was discussed and it was thought that it needs expert marketing advice.IrrigationMidlands scheme has sold sufficient water for the project to proceed.South Esk  construction is about to commence on the Lower South Esk scheme.Macquarie Draft Water Management Plan was presented to stakeholders on 21March. Roger Butler’s summary was tabled and shows a good outcome for the river and therefor for the fishery. The plan is now in its 60 day public exhibition period.Ringarooma initial scientific and hydrology studies have been released.Other schemes There are dozens of schemes in various stages of planning and construction throughout Tasmania and members are urged to check what’s going on in their area on www.tasmanianirrigation.com.auThese schemes will produce many dams and it was suggested that AAT lobby for access to these by meeting with the Minister to get an in principal agreement on access, as the previous Minister promised.LakesPaloona  AAT has lodged an application with MAST to upgrade the existing ramp, access and parking. Wayne Maxwell NWFA raised some safety concerns due to rapid water level changes as well as some access problems. He suggested an onsite meeting with Mike Stevens, Hydro and the NWFA to discuss the issues.Woods  Road maintenance is becoming an issue as traffic has increased markedly. Although the road “belongs to no one” IFS will maintain it while it has funds to do so. Advisory speed signs may also be useful.IFS is working with MAST to improve the ramp and AAT has supported this with a submission to MAST.AAT to write a letter of thanks to MAST for their work on the protective groyne and ramp.Arthurs  Speed limits have been fixed but confirmation required that the signs reflect this.Talbots  Wayne Maxwell NWFA confirmed that access is still controlled from Gunns head office, foot access is ok but a key is needed for vehicle access.IFS is talking to Gunns on control of the water.Benefits of recreation fishingA Curtin University research paper “Identifying the health and well-being benefits of recreational fishing ” was tabled.Its use as a vehicle to support funding for junior freshwater angling was discussed and it was suggested that Fishwise be contacted to with a view to help further develop AAT’s junior program.DonortecThis organisation was originally set up by Microsoft to give not for profit organisations free hardware and software. It has since expanded to include other manufacturers and provides both free and low cost computers, hardware and software.AAT is now registered with Donortec as a not for profit organisation and so is eligible to participate in any offers and these will be emailed to members as they become available.  More info at www.donortec.orgGeneral businessAny resolution on bait fishing at Huntsman?Northern Forum resurrection to be persued. (Easter may be a good time?)Norm Cribbin queried the ownership status of Bernacchi Lodge. John Diggle suggested it may be under Parks control.Details (car rego) needed for a crazy NZlander who invokes the NZ“30m rule”and cuts peoples fishing line if they are within this distanceof him. Last seen at Craigbourne cutting a disabled persons line.Jet ski sighted on Dee Lagoon and reported to Mike Bidwell (Hydro)   Regulation clarification required from MAST.Is a daily pass required when fishing in National Park ?John Diggle suggested that AAT Get aboard “Clean up Australia Day”next year.Liawenee Open Day 19-20 May volunteers.TAGL will be thereMike Stevens ?Greg PeartJohn BroombyCommunication. Perceived lack of communication from AAT to anglers to be addressed.Next meeting   TBAACTION LISTAAT ExecutiveIrrigation dam accessWebsite presentationFishing Tasmania websiteCommunication issueMS      Follow up returns for Fishing Tas magazine.Meeting with Minister re irrigation dams accessPaloona meetingPresentation of web pageJet ski regulation clarificationLiawenee trout weekendMC/GP AAT Environmental Code of PracticeGP     Recreation benefits of fishing. Contact FishwiseLiawenee Trout WeekendJB      Liawenee Trout WeekendDE     Lake Lea write to ParksCirculate info on Penstock/outboardsWoods Lake - letter of thanks to MASTPass requirements when fishing National ParksNorthern ForumRegister AAT for “Clean up Australia Day”Trout Weekend flyer