Minutes of AAT GM 29 July 2012

ANGLERS ALLIANCE TASMANIAMINUTES FOR GENERAL MEETINGSunday 29 July 2012, 10am, Zeps Campbell TownPresentMike Stevens AFTA Chair, Terry Byard STLAA Vice Chair, Gary France TGALT Exec Committee, Malcolm Crosse TFTC Executive Committee, John Diggle Director IFS, John Broomby Northern Forum, Alan Gordon BOD, Wayne Maxwell NWFA, Mathew Ling NWFA, Michael  Caminada Indep North, Leroy Tirant Indep NW, Steve Bax AFTA, Denis Edwards Exec AssistantApologiesNorm Cribbin, Charles Thompson, Greg Peart, Roger ButlerMinutes of previous meetingMotion: “to accept the minutes of the meeting held 1 April 2012 “Moved: Gary France   Seconded: Terry ByardFinancialsPreliminary Statement of Income/Expenditure for 2011/12 was tabled and showed the AAT Trading Account brought forward approx. $16,000 from 2010/11 and has a current balance of $46,213. This includes recent final returns from sales of Fishing Tasmania of $16,100 .The Grant Account (for Mersey River Anglers Access) brought forward approx. $46,400 from 2011/12 and has a current balance of $46,400.The Trading Account will be audited in the next month and the Grant Account will be audited on completion of the Mersey River project.MOU with IFSDraft MOU between AAT and the IFS was tabled which will formalise the obligations and expectations of both parties.Inland Fisheries ReportJohn Diggle reported on IFS activity –List of fish stocked in all waters from July1 2011/June30 2012 was tabled.Trout Weekend at Liawenee was very successful with an attendance of over 4000 peopleAnglers Access – Tyenna completed ; Mersey under way and Derwent to commence in 2013/14.Land has been acquired for access to Lake Fergus.Great Lake. Leases are being signed to maintain access over land that was recently sold on the western shore.Paloona.  IFS is looking at alternative ramp locations and a number of other of issues to be resolved with Hydro.Lake Lea access issues discussed and AAT to keep following these up with Parks.Penstock.  IFS is presently looking at a number of management options to present to anglers - these may include corridors for outboards; low emission/4 stroke only; boat size limits; wading restrictions and enforcement options.Arthurs/Great Lake Galaxiid Study done for Hydro was tabled. This study identifies the water level risk bands for galaxiid spawning and strengthens the IFS/Hydro MOU for minimum drawdown levels.Trout sesquicentenary (2014) was discussed and the possibility of planning some celebration events was floated.IFS has a long construction project list for 2012/2013  and includes boat ramp works at Woods, Brandon Bay, Jonah Bay, Paloona, Rowallan, Burbury and Dee Lagoon.  Road works at Four Springs; Brushy Lagoon; Cowpaddock and Double Lagoon.Fishing Habitat FundThis fund has some $50,000 in trust from donations from anglers and guidesgoing back a number of years. The Trustees have been difficult to deal with and it is suggested that Mike Stevens and John Diggle meet with the Trustees with a view to re-establish and re-badge the fund with more control to AAT/IFS.WebcamsMalcolm Crosse reported that the cameras are ready for onsite installation subject to insurance clauses in the Hydro agreement being met.Malcolm called for some volunteer labour from clubs to help erect the structures and some suggestions were Bronte/Kingborough; Burbury/NWFA;Little Pine will need a quad bikes or a helicopter; Augusta/ ? ; Penstock and Great Lake are OK.  Construction time would be one to two days and any club or person able to help should contact Malcolm on 0429 870 550.The possibility of using the webcams as income stream and to set up a data base was discussed. Sponsors that have shown interest include IFS, MAST and BOM and a number of businesses.i phone App to access the site to be investigated.Webcam sites to have lockout controls so that AAT retains commercial control of webcam images.WebsiteThe revamped AAT website is up and running www.anglersalliance.org.auLog on problems were reported, that when Googling ‘Anglers Alliance’ traffic is directed to fishingtasmania website and then to the defunct AAT website. This problem to be rectified.Northern ForumTerry Byard discussed a “rotating delegates” system as a possible solution to get better representation from Northern Clubs.From the nine Northern clubs two delegates (from different clubs) start a one year role as a Northern Delegate (4 meetings). The following year, two more delegates from different clubs.That is, if six clubs participated, clubs would only have involvement every three years, or for eight clubs, involvement would be every four years.Much of the delegate’s communication to other clubs could be via email,AAT Exec Assistant and AAT minutes.DE to write to clubs and John Broomby offered his assistance in fielding queries from clubs.IrrigationSouth Esk   Break O’Day Fly Fishers Club expressed concern that off stream dams used for water storage upstream will be using the river to transport water that is pumped from these dams for sale downstream.Excessive drawdowns could result in release of sediments, river turbidity, degraded river environment, temperature differentials and fish kills.This regime will similarly impact on the Macquarie.Letter to be sent to DPIWE expressing these concerns.Replies were tabled from Bryan Green and Tony Burke to AAT’s letter questioning what sustainable water management measures are being adopted as required by the Commonwealth Govt. and what minimum environmental flows are to be adopted.                                                 The DPIWE Secretary’s report on the WMP recommends no change to the minimum environmental flow, ie 40 ML/day and not the 100-160ML/day recommended in the WMP.  This is now before the Planning Commission and they will report to the Minister by the end of the year.Lake LeakeLetter tabled from Rod Summers requesting that the regulation that prohibits fishing from a boat whilst using a petrol outboard  be rescinded.The meeting resolved to support the change and recommends that low emission environmentally responsible engines ie low emission / 4 stroke or electric motors be used.John Diggle said the IFS is looking at resolving the matter.Mersey/ForthCurrent newsletter on Mersey/Forth Water Management Review tabled . Meetings have been attended by the Ulverstone and Devonport clubs and AAT to write to Hydro to formalise representation on the Committee.MASTLetter from Minister O’Byrne informing us that “AAT’s submission has been successful in securing funding for a number of projects” in the Recreational Boating Fund 2012.Clean Up AustraliaAll clubs are urged to adopt a site that’s in need of cleaning up and join the 2013 Clean Up Australia Day on Sunday 3 March 2013.  Details can befound at www.cleanupaustraliaday.org.auBiosecurityGary France suggested that all clubs take advantage of NRM South’s biosecurity workshops or guest speaker for club meetings.Peter Hayes is happy to lend his facilities for groups. Interested clubs should contact Gary France on 0418 875 001.Rise Fly Fishing FestivalHobart           Mon 13 Aug 2012Burnie            Wed 15 Aug 2012Launceston    Thurs 16 Aug 2012www.gin-clear.comGeneral businessMike Stevens gave a rundown on the proposed Fly Fishing Museum at Clarendon.Terry Byard suggested that Cathy Hean, who has applied for a Commonwealth grant for weed eradication across the plateau, be invited to talk at an AAT meeting. Details of the project to be posted on the AAT website.Gary France reported that Tourism Tas has a new structure and TGALT is working with them and IFS on a new promotional DVD and looking at marketing opportunities in WA, Qld, Russia, Italy, China and Italy.Trout Expo on at Cressy Oct 6/7 2012.Next meeting AGM Sun Oct 14 2012ACTION LIST    ALL CLUBS – Webcams contact Malcolm Crosse if you can help- Register for Clean Up Australia Day 2013MS/JD         Meet Trustees of Habitat FundJD               Lake Leake outboardsMS    Webcams  - i phone APP- Lockout to protect use of imagesWebsite     - Fishing Tas website- delete old AAT websiteDE   Northern ForumSouth Esk, letter to DPIWELake Leake, phone Rod SummersLake Lea, letter to ParksMersey/Forth, letter to Greg Urwin HydroClean Up Australia,  email all clubsWeed eradication,  post details on website