Minutes General Meeting - August 17th 2014

MINUTES OF THE GENERAL MEETINGSunday 17 August 2014, RossPresentGary France Chair, Terry Byard Vice Chair, Malcolm Crosse Exec committee, John Diggle IFS, John Broomby Northern Forum, Charles Thompson NWFA, Bruce Heathcote NWFA, Bevan Baker TFFA, Alan Gordon BOD Sports Anglers, Howard Jones BOD Sports Anglers, Mike Stevens Fishing Tackle Industry, Denis Edwards Executive OfficerApologiesSheryl Thompson, Roger Butler, Adrian Hope, Phil Williams, Justin Causby, Stephen Bax. Michael CaminadaMinutes of previous meetingMotion: “to accept the minutes of the meeting held 11 may 2014 at RossMoved: J Broomby Seconded: C ThompsonMatters arising>The possible location of a North East open water was discussed and John Broomby and Howard Jones will investigate and recommend suitable waters>Lake Lea. C Thomson raised the continuing problem of suitable boat access and it was suggested that an onsite meeting be setup with Parks.>Little Pine. M Crosse has had requests for details of the proposed boat ramp. AAT to obtain details from MAST.>Farm Dam Stocking. C Thompson expressed some reservations on the amended IFSDraft Assessment Criteria for stocking farm dams for public fishing.The wording 2.5ha or more caused some confusion and J Diggle pointed out that this was a preferred min. area for individual dams, but as stated in the Draft, dams of a smaller size (or a smaller collective of dams on a property) will be considered if they meet the other criteria.H Jones (BOD Anglers) expressed their positive experience with dams on private property, fostering good relationships with the landowners and an improvement of water quality.It was decided that the Draft proposal was acceptable subject to clarification of the wording for dam areas.FinancialsFinancial statement was tabled showingTRADING A/C 17-1550 $37,270.62 CRGRANT A/C 49-7934 $ 332.19 CRMotion: “that the financial statement be accepted”Moved : T Byard Seconded: J BroombyInland Fisheries Service ReportJohn Diggle tabled a comprehensive report and this can be viewed on the AAT website.The report included the following –Trout Season Opening Compliance Operation. This initiated a discussion on the use of PFD devices, M Stevens suggested that a link to MAST safety videos be posted on the AAT website.Four Springs Lake Access.Responsible Angling. The issues of litter, fish and human waste ,illegal campfires, vehicle use on marshy and wet areas were highlighted which may lead to access restrictions. Acceptable standards to be posted on AAT website.NW and Liawenee Fisheries OfficerAngler AccessCarp reviewShannon LagoonSandbanks Creek fish trapLicencing and AdministrationCompliance report 2013/2014Fisheries ManagementHatchery reportStocking reportIFS Club attendancesLetterhead/Graphics/Mission statementThe new AAT graphic for letterhead, business cards, website, email and facebook was presented and approved.“Working for your trout fishery” was the preferred new mission statement.WebsiteSuggested new postings to include>Links to MAST safety videos>Calendar of events> Complete list of clubs with contact numbersWebcamsM Crosse reported that Four Springs and Brumbys webcams are about to be installed andC Thompson has suggested an alternative site at Lake Rosebery.Maintenance of all cameras is due including battery upgrades of some of the solar powered webcams.VHFThe advent of Coast Radio Hobart’s two new VHF base stations on the west coast opens the possibility of a connecting VHF base station in the Central Highlands with a 24 hour monitoring service. M Crosse suggested implementing a feasibility study in conjunction with MAST and Hydro and this was unanimously agreed to.River HealthT Byard explained the background to this project and the initial meeting with consultant Peter Davies that suggested a pilot project could be set up with a supportive farmer on the Macquarie River preferably with existing Anglers Access.Coincidently Greening Australia has announced a $5.5 million environmental restoration project in the Northern Midlands agricultural area with stage 1 covering some 1000 ha. It was suggested that AAT should see how it could be involved with this project.Anglers Hall of FameThe handover of documents from the previous committee has been completed and the AAT Exec. Committee is to set up an administrative process to manage the Hall of Fame.M Crosse nominated Sheryl Thompson to head a new subcommittee to handle inductee nominations and this was seconded by G France. It was suggested that a member from the North and another from the South make up the rest of the committee.If possible the committee should nominate inductees by the next GM on 9thNov 2014.Habitat Fund J Diggle reported that the process has become legally moribund, but that IFS and IFAC are steadily working through the issues.Junior AnglersThe importance of encouraging junior anglers is a given, but while many clubs conduct excellent programs it is felt that the AAT Exec Committee should do an evaluation of past and present programs with a view to establishing some means of co-ordination and promotion of junior angler involvement.World Fly Fishing Championships/Josh FlowersIn the light of Josh Flowers being the Australian Fly Fishing Champion, at the young age of 18 years, and having been selected to represent Australia at the World Championships in Bosnia 2015 it was unanimously decided that the AAT give $500 to help Josh with travelling expenses.He is shining example for all young anglers and we wish him good luck and every success.Shannon Lagoon rehabilitationJ Diggle reported on an onsite meeting last week with IFS, Hydro, G France, M Crosse,M Stevens and J Allan to discuss turbidity issues and possible remedial action.Kentish Park/Lake Barrington draft planAAT to reply to Kentish Council on feedback request. Draft Plan can be viewed at www.kentish.tas.gov.auGowan Brae accessG France is following this upArthurs Lake campingFollowing T Byards meeting with Hydros Mike Bidwell a follow up letter to Hydro was tabled detailing anglers concerns with camping issues at Jonah Bay ,Pumphouse Bayand also Darwin Dam area at Lake Burbury.Included in the letter was the boom gate issue at Mossy Marsh and Ragwort removal on the eastern shore of Great Lake.Mike Bidwell has since left Hydro and T Byard will follow up the new Hydro contact person.Brady Lake water levelFollowing a complaint about the low water level at Bradys prior to and at the opening of the trout season J Diggle advised that the IFS is seeking an MOU to minimise the possibility of this re occurring.Great Southern WaterJ Diggle reported that a consultant has been engaged to recommend possible locations.General BusinessJ Diggle mentioned that eel farmers, the Finlayson family , are keen to talk to a meeting of the AAT. DE to follow up.J Diggle suggested that catering arrangements may be made easier if the Feb GM was held at Central Highlands Lodge, MienaNEXT MEETING IS 10 am Sun 9 Nov at THE AUSTRALIAN FLY FISHING MUSEUM, Clarendon ACTION LISTJB/HJ North East open waterTB River Health/ Greening Aust projectHydro camping issuesTG/DE Anglers Hall of FameGF Gowan Brae accessMC/DE Webcam business caseVHF letter to MAST/HydroEXEC Junior anglersHall of Fame administrationDE Website postsLake Lea, organise onsite meeting with ParksReply to Kentish CouncilInvite Finlayson eel farmers to GMCheque to Josh Flowers