AAT General Meeting 27th May 2018

10.00am Sunday 27 May 2018
Man 0’Ross Hotel, Ross

Gary France Chair, Terry Byard Vice Chair, Malcolm Crosse Exec Committee, John Broomby Exec Committee , Michael Caminada Exec Committee, Charles Thompson NWFA, Sheryl Thompson NWFA, Nick Baldock NWFA, Evelyn Baldock NWFA, Mark Rockliff NWFA, Wayne Ballette Tas Fly Tyers Club, Chris Cohen Corralin FF and Casting Asssoc, Howard Jones BOD Sports Anglers, Alan Gordon BOD Sports Anglers, Keith Symons Indep South, Denis Edwards Exec Officer, John Diggle Director IFS

John Francis, Adrian Hope

Minutes of the previous meeting
Motion: “to accept the minutes of the meeting held Sun 25 Feb 2018 at Thousand Lakes Lodge”Moved: J Broomby       Seconded: M Crosse

Matters arising:
A discussion was had on AAT’s attendance at Agfest . It was felt that considering the cost, time expended, number of people needed and the fact that is primarily an agricultural audience, that it may be better concentrating on more fishing oriented events.H Jones asked if IFS had progressed plans for Briseis Lake access

IFS Report
John Diggle reported on a very successful Liawenee Trout Weekend and presented the comprehensive Report to Anglers for March to May 2018 which is available on the IFS website www.ifs.tas.gov.au

The current balances of the four AAT bank accounts were tabledMotion: “That the financials be accepted”Moved:   K Symons     Seconded: T Byard

AAT Strategic Plan 2018 – 2025 review
The Strategic Plan was reviewed by the Exec Committee over the weekend 21-22 April.       G France thanked M Crosse for hosting the weekend at his shack as well as Neil Morrows invaluable input which was much appreciated.T Byard reported that with the government funding of $215,000 to AAT over the next four years and $500,000 to IFS/AAT for Anglers Access and community amenities at high visitation fishing locations, AAT’s workload will increase markedly, highlighting the need foradministration needs such as a Secretary/Treasurer , budget projections and priorities for projects, better presentation of AAT , need for social media and planning the future direction of AAT.

Fisheries Habitat Fund
G France tabled the Fisheries Habitat Improvement Fund brochure and commended the work of Tony Wright in resurrecting the fund.For more information, Project Funding Guidelines and a Grant Application Form, please contact Tony Wright email Anthony.wright@ifs.tas.gov.au

MAST Recreational Boating Fund
The freshwater applications received by MAST for 2018/19 were reviewed. Clubs are encouraged to put in proposals , either directly or through the AAT for the 2019/20 round. Applications open on 1 July 2018.

Gone Fishing Day/Junior Anglers Day Sun 14 Oct 2018
AAT to co-ordinate their input through IFS and will support junior venues but also support other venues that have juniors included in their programSponsorships for the junior venues will be sought

M Crosse tabled a letter from Rob Fooks, a potential contractor, outlining rates for webcam maintenance work . The rates were agreed to be fair and that Malcolm should establish an agreed plan for inspections etc to enable a budget to be established.

World Fly Fishing Championships venues
M Crosse tabled WFFC brochures with competition dates etc and said that volunteers will be needed. Discussion was had on possible short term closures of some venues on competition days. WFFC to nominate venues and will liase with IFS about possible closures.A letter from John Donnachy was tabled expressing concern at the lack of fish in the South Esk River upstream of Mathina and why rivers are not stocked as lakes are.John Diggle explained it is a huge task to stock rivers and requires tens of thousands of fish for outcomes that are very likely to be unsuccessful. Long term anglers of the river, H Jones and A Gordon commented that there is little insect life in the river and that forestry, farm irrigation, changed rainfall patterns and higher water temperatures have taken their toll.John Diggle said water temperature is a critical factor and that riparian planting and fencing stock out is the most important long term management approach. Loss of trout has been also been experienced in Victoria due to environmental factors especially high temperatures that can occur especially in east-west river systems.M Crosse tabled a letter to David Ikedife (Hydro) expressing concern on Woods Lake water levels. D Ikedife’s reply assured Malcolm that Hydro is well aware of the expectations of Woods Lake as a venue for the WFFC and that they are closely monitoring the level and condition of the lake. 

Club membership
A short discussion was had on the declining membership in some clubs and the consensus was that similar to most sporting clubs, it fluctuates , is cyclical and can be influenced by the amount of fish available especially for young members.

Activity report
J Broomby reported a great day was had by a big crowd that attended the opening ofSandy Lake Hut, Lake MacKenzie on Sat 7 AprilA number of AAT club members took part in a pilot project for a 5 year willow control project on the Tyenna River at the Lanoma berry farm, organised by the Derwent Catchment Project and IFS Anglers Access and supported by the landowner.If you wish to be involved in future field days contact Magali , Derwent Catchment Project magali@derwentcatchment.org or 0424 277 226. The next field day is on Wed 6 June 2018G France reported on a very successful Trout Weekend at LiaweneeLetter of thanks from Derwent Catchment Project thanking AAT members who participated in the ragwort weed removal working bee at Elizabeth Bay , Great Lake over the weekend of the 10-11 February which T Byard reported was very successful project.


  • Lake Malbena proposal - email from Daniel Hackett and AAT’s reply tabled

  • Carp Management Program Quarterly Report discussed by J Diggle

  • Email from Phil Potter tabled observing that the IFS Boating Recommendations to Anglers on Penstock and Little Pine Lagoons are not being observed and this was corroborated by

  • M Crosse a Penstock shack owner, who pointed out that Hydro will require electric motors only to be used in the WFFC on these waters.

  • A discussion followed and it was agreed that the possible introduction of “electric outboards only” on these waters should be pursued with IFS, Hydro, and EPA .

  • M Crosse moved “that AAT pursue the intent of Phil Potters letter” seconded M Rockliff and unanimously carried

  • Email from David Tarbath tabled expressing concern at the logging of pines plantations close to the bank of the Tyenna River. Neil Morrow who is in talks with Norse Skog following a previous similar complaint has been copied in and will raise the issue.

  • Email tabled from Trout Unlimited suggesting items of common interest with Tasmania that Peter and Karen Brooks may be interested in pursuing during their trip.

  • M Crosse suggested a phone hookup with Peter and Karen Brooks on

  • 31 May prior to their departure for America

  • Letter from Premier tabled confirming funding

  • C Thompson tabled a letter from Leonie Hiscutt MLC to Minister Courtney regarding the NWFA being allowed to return to self- management of the fish stock in NW Tasmania.


  • RBF – reminder to clubs

  • Gone Fishing Day – junior sponsorship

  • Webcams – plan for regular maintenance inspections

  • Woods Lake – letter to Hydro

  • Penstock, Little Pine – write to IFS, consult with Hydro and MAST

  • Trout Unlimited – phone hookup with Peter and Karen Brooks

NEXT MEETING is GM and AGM, 10am Sunday 12 August 2018