AAT AGM September 2018

10am Sunday 9 September 2018
Zepps, Campbell Town    

Gary France Chair, Terry Byard Vice Chair, Michael Caminada Exec Committee , John Broomby Exec Committee, Denis Edwards Exec Officer, Charles Thompson NWFA, Mark Rockliff Ulverstone Angling Club, Mathew Ling President NWFA, Brett Smith Independent NW, Howard Jones BOD Sports Anglers, Chris Cohen Corralin FF and Casting Assoc, Wayne Bellette Tas Fly Tyers Club, Jonathan Wodwell STLAA Delegate, Shane Williams, Mitchell Crodden, Jimmy Ellenberger FFCT, Neil Morrow IFS  

Malcolm Crosse, Alan Gordon, Adrian Hope, Sheryl Thompson, Keith Symons 

Chairman , Gary France welcomed members and guests 

Independent NW Representative
Brett Smith nominated for the vacant position of Independent NW RepresentativeT Byard moved that the nomination be accepted. Seconded C Thompson 

Confirmation of the minutes of the 2017 AGM
T Byard moved that the minutes of the 2017 AGM be accepted.Seconded M Caminada. Carried 

Chairman’s Review 2018  
For the past decade AAT has grown as a voluntary organisation. There has been consistent input and support from the state-wide AAT membership of clubs, associations, and independent anglers. The strengthening of partnerships with stakeholders has led to consistent and worthy accomplishments. Working closely with the IFS and the provision of limited funding assistance has helped us to cover the costs of administration. The IFS have played a vital role in project management and implementation, particularly with the highly successful Angler Access Program. A further $200,000 of government funding has been allocated toward expanding these key efforts into the North West, North East and the Derwent catchments. Numerous projects have been completed and there are many projects in the progress and planning stages. In consideration of the momentum generated it was recognised as timely to form a strategic plan for AAT. A series of workshops and facilitated meetings have taken place to produce the plan, which has become a working and evolving document and focuses on our actions over the next four years. This document was instrumental in demonstrating the success of AAT and securing the $215,000 government funding over the next four years, and also recognises AAT as the peak body representing 26,000 trout anglers, to support its work and to improve the trout fishery and support anglers. We welcome the new Minister for Primary Industries and Water, Sarah Courtney, and look forward to a productive and exciting era. It is pleasing to see the current upward trend of women taking part in angling activities. I know the efforts to foster this go back a long way, and there are current initiatives to compliment this. A further $300,000 of funding over 2 years will aid the current and ongoing implementation of toilets, infrastructure and amenity at key fishing locations. These facilities will also improve the angling experience for all Tasmanians, national and international visitors alike. The 2019 World Fly Fishing Championships is edging ever closer, and I am sure we will all be proud as we prepare and set the stage over the next year. In particular I would like to thank the AAT Committee and Executive Officer, a team of dedicated people who pull together and work hard for our goals, and share a common vision. It’s a team I enjoy working with and am proud to be part of. I look forward to continue working with you all again through this great opportunity for Tasmania and our trout fishery. Gary FranceChairman - Anglers Alliance TasmaniaM Rockliff moved that the Chairman’s review be accepted. Seconded W Bellette 

AAT’s amplified grant funding involves increased reporting that will require an audit for 2017/18 and this audit, carried out by Accru auditors, was tabled.T Byard moved the audit be accepted. Seconded M Caminada Because of the increased financial complexities AAT has engaged the services of a book keeper to ensure financial integrity of AAT activities

Election of Office Bearers
Four nominations for positions on the Executive Committee were received from the incumbent Office Bearers and with Malcolm Crosse remaining the Project Manager, the Executive Committee remains as is , ieChairman               Gary FranceVice Chairman     Terry ByardJohn BroombyMichael CaminadaMalcolm Crosse   Project managerDenis Edwards remains the Executive Officer M Rockliff moved that the nominations be accepted. Seconded W Bellette 

An email from TGALT was tabled advising that TGALT will withdraw from membership of the AAT by the 31 Dec 2018 Meeting closed at 10.40 am   

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