AAT GM September 2018

10.40 am Sunday 9 Sept 2018
Zepps, Campbell Town

Gary France Chair, Terry Byard Vice Chair, Michael Caminada Exec Committee , John Broomby Exec Committee, Denis Edwards Exec Officer, Charles Thompson NWFA, Mark Rockliff Ulverstone Angling Club, Mathew Ling President NWFA, Brett Smith Independent NW, Howard Jones BOD Sports Anglers, Chris Cohen Corralin FF and Casting Assoc, Wayne Bellette Tas Fly Tyers Club, Jonathan Wodwell STLAA Delegate, Shane Williams, Mitchell Crodden, Jimmy Ellenberger FFCT, Neil Morrow IFS  

Malcolm Crosse, Alan Gordon, Adrian Hope, Sheryl Thompson, Keith Symons 

Minutes of the previous meeting
Motion: “to accept the minutes of the previous meeting held Sun 27 May 2018 at Man O’Ross Hotel, Ross”Moved: J Broomby       Seconded: T Byard 

IFS Report
Neil Morrow IFS, tabled the comprehensive IFS Report to Anglers for June to August 2018 which is available on the IFS website www.ifs.gov.auNeil emphasized the need to be aware of the new size limits and that sizes in old brochures may now be incorrect.RBF applications close at the end of March and T Byard and clubs should submit these through the AAT as called for in the AAT Strategic PlanG France commended the IFS for donating the Trout Weekend profits to the Trout Habitat Fund 

The current balances of the four AAT bank accounts were tabled, together with the Yearly Budget that accounts for all income and expenditure in 2018-2019. This inaugural yearly budget currently shows a small annual surplus of $2000. Performance against the Budget and the Strategic Plan will be reviewed with quarterly profit and loss statements.Motion: “That the financials be accepted”Moved:   M Rockliff      Seconded: W Bellete 

Penstock/Little Pine boating proposals
Neil Morrow presented a brief outline of past issues with these waters including management plans , MOU’S etc and the results of the public meeting in 2011-12 where a survey of 57 of the attendees showed 79% indicated that they did not support the proposal for electric motors only.The subsequent voluntary code of conduct with defined channels and suggested use of electric/manual power in sensitive areas has seen an improvement in behaviour but needs more education to be effective.Hydro have no regulatory power over boat use; MAST enforces speed limits and off limit areas and IFS cannot regulate boat size, power or method of propulsion.Any changes in regulations would have to have overwhelming public support and this is unlikely without sound, site specific, scientific baseline data to demonstrate deteriorating markers of change in water quality, petro- carbon count, biota mass etc etcC Thompson tabled an email from M Crosse pointing out that the lochs under control of the Irish fishing authority are now electric only, because research has shown that insect life significantly improves when petrol outboards are removed from their small lakes.Email from FFCT was also tabled expressing that clubs point of view and their desire to resolve any conflicts of opinion amicably. A discussion followed on the need for research, possible sources of funding and partnerswhich included Hydro, UTAS, the Fisheries Habitat Fund and clubs and shack owners. AAT to initiate this process with David Ikedife (Hydro) 

Hall of Fame
A reminder that nominations for 2019 inductees close by end Feb 2019 and that the criteria for nominations are on the AAT website 

Lake Paloona
J Broomby reported that the water skiers group on the Mersey Forth Recreation Committee have requested that the AAT form a committee of all interested parties and authorities to review the opening up of Paloona to motorised boats. John recommended that AAT not get involved because of the incompatibility of water skiing and angling on such a confined water, the complex regulatory hurdles to be overcome, the difficult access which is estimated to cost at least $1million and the highly likely prospect of a negative end result after lengthy and protracted negotiations with multiple groups and authorities.N Morrow said the IFS is not interested in getting involved and has the view that it should remain passive recreation only. 

Lake Malbena
Emails from EDO Tasmania and Cassy O’Connor MP were tabled announcing the Federal Environment Departments approval of the Lake Malbena project. Following discussion raised concerns that this may be one of many proposals in the EOI pipeline , by commercial operators using public land, that will degrade the TWHHA wilderness values forever.Brett Smith advised that he is forming a group to protest the decision and it was agreed AAT should support his endeavours. It was resolved that AAT should be active in advocating the members long held view that there should be no commercial development or aircraft incursions in the TWWHA.It was suggested that AAT write to Shane Broad ALP expressing disappointment with the decision and asking what is Labour Party’s position on the issue. 

Upcoming events

  • Trout Expo Sept Sat/Sun 22/23. School Kids Mon 24 Sept

  • Great Lake Tie In Sat 13 Oct/ Junior Fish Out Sun 14 Oct

  • Gone Fishing Day / Junior Angling Day Sun 14 Oct

Steve Bax of Spot On Fishing Tackle and Shimano have very generously donated 25combo rods for the Junior Angling Day.NWFA advised that they are unable to run the Junior Anglers Day at Hiscutt Parkthis year but hope to do so again in 2019.A discussion took place on other likely venues but any suggested locations must beregulated and run as a Junior Angling venue.AAT is seeking a $10,000 Sport and Recreation Grant to help clubs running this event

  • NWFFC Novice Day, Hiscutt Park Sun 28 Oct

  • Fly Fishing Expo, Clarendon House Evandale Sat/Sun 10/11 Nov

  • Highlands Bushfest, Bothwell Sat/Sun 17/18 Nov


  • AAT’S response to Water Management Planning review tabled

  • Email from Deryk Dennis on the State of fishing west of Penguin was tabled that detailed the decline of waters in the north west. A letter tabled from the Break O’Day Sports Anglers detailed similar decline in north east waters, especially the Break O’Day River.

Both these parties are seeking support and direction from AAT to make Ministersand Govt departments aware of this widespread degradation and seek solutionsto halt the decline. The AAT Executive to formulate a strategy for taking action.

  • Brushy Lagoon email from N Morrow was tabled detailing proposed IFS maintenance work over summer. Letter from AAT reqd. as part of Parks approval process.

  • Letter to Justine Keay from NWFFC tabled seeking assistance in retaining the Waratah Reservoir. AAT to write a letter of support to the Minister.

  • Email from Warren Jacobson regarding illegal fishing in the Lake Crescent canal. IFS is aware of this has increased policing of the area.

  • Email from OzFish Unlimited enquiring if AAT would like to join its Fish Habitat Network; more information needed on the benefits for AAT

  • Email from Simon Taylor tabled asking if the current government and Parks are looking after access for the “high end” tourist, what are they doing about improving access for walkers and anglers in popular areas such as the 19 lagoons, Pillans Lake track (including more timely boom gate opening) etc and why is the broader community being denied reasonable access to Gowen Brae and the Tas Land Conservancy Scullbone Plains area.

 General business C Thompson requested AAT check how farmers biosecurity requirements will affect Anglers Access and other activities on farmers land. IFS has started this process and will convey their findings to anglers Action list

  • HOF website reminder that nominations should forwarded to AAT by Feb 2019

  • Penstock/Little Pine Letter to David Ikedife, Hydro

Post recommended boating use flyer on website

  • Waratah Reservoir Letter to Minister

  • TWHHA Letter to Shane Broad ALP

  • State of inland waters AAT to present a report to the Minister

  • RBF proposals Email clubs

  • OzFish reply

  NEXT MEETING   possibly 25 Nov 2018 TBA  

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