Minutes of General Meeting September 2019

10.30am Sunday 1 September 2019
Poatina Chalet  


Gary France Chair, Terry Byard Vice Chair, Howard Jones Exec Committee, Alan Gordon Break O’ Day Sports Anglers , John Broomby  Northern Clubs, Mark Rockliff  NWFA,  Chris Cohen Corralin FF and Casting  Assoc,  Wayne Bellette Tas Fly Tyers Club, Jonathan Wadwell  STLAA Delegate, Stacey Woolley  Huon Anglers Assoc, Denis Edwards Exec Officer, John Diggle IFS  


Malcolm Crosse, Keith Symons, Michael Caminada, Charles Thompson

Inland Fisheries Service Report

John Diggle tabled the much appreciated IFS Report to Anglers for June to August 2019 and is now available on the IFS website.

Note there is a mistake on the printed version of the Inland Fisheries Angling Code 2019-20 on page 27 regarding Lake fisheries rules. The correct version can be downloaded from the IFS website www.ifs.tas.gov.au/tasmanian-inland-fishing-code.

Minutes of the previous meeting

The minutes of the previous meeting held 10am Sun 2 June 2019 at the Grange, Campbell Town were tabled.

M Rockliffe moved that the minutes be accepted    Seconded : T Byard   


The current balances of the four bank accounts and the Quarterly Budget for July,Aug,Sept were tabled.

T Byard moved that the Financial Report be accepted, seconded W Bellette


Bronte- Bradys proposed mini hydro scheme

Details of the proposed scheme were tabled and discussed. There was no support for the scheme as it was thought that apart from losing the white water fishery it could adversely affect the control of water levels in Bronte Lagoon. 

A letter has been written to the Minister and Hydro expressing these concerns.


St Patricks Plains proposed windfarm  

Details of the proposal and the AAT EPBC submission were tabled and discussed including  a power point presentation by Howard Jones.

A number of concerns were raised about the enormous scale with 67 turbines 240M high having a massively intrusive visual impact on the landscape resulting in an unacceptably immense loss of amenity to area for anglers, shack owners at Penstock ,Shannon, Flintstone and Wilburville .

The presence of Wedge Tail Eagles, a threatened species, and a rich diversity of birdlife in the area will certainly lead to fatal collisions with the turbines.

A letter has been written to the Minister and Hydro expressing these concerns.


Mersey- Forth Recreation Management Committee report

John Broomby the AAT representative on this committee and he reported that the new pontoon that allows children to safely swim at Kentish Park, Lake Barrington is complete and working well.

Lake Paloona is considered too expensive to develop and is to be managed as a passive recreation water with a 5 knot speed limit

Deloraine Anglers have requested an upgrade to the Lake Parangana camping area and J Broomby, Nigel Scott and Hydro are to inspect the site.


Lake St Clair Lagoon

Over a year ago AAT, IFS and Hydro had a site meeting to examine the possibility of resurrecting the Lagoon to water levels of its former glory days. David Ikedife from Hydro has now advised that Hydro will run a trial from November to March for the next 2 years  (starting this year) The radial gates of the St Clair Dam (at the southern end of the Lagoon) will be set approx. 300mm above the base.


Hydro Future Forum

Gary France and Howard Jones represented AAT at the forums and reported that they were very worthwhile. David Ikedife and the Hydro Battery of the Nation team have been invited to talk at the AAT’s November GM.


Junior Fish Supply

Mark Rockliff reported that  Atkinson Aquaculture has the supply of fish for the four northern clubs that run junior programs well in hand for this season.



There has been a report of the need for disability grab rails to be fitted to one toilet. It was suggested that all toilets should fitted with grab rails and also hand wash dispensers.

AAT to do a costing for supply and fitting to the ten toilets.


River Leven working bee

John Broomby advised that following the successful willow removal on the River Leven, over the past two years, there is a planting day on Sat 14 Sept starting 10am at the John Lee Memorial Park, complete with sausage a sizzle. Interested volunteers should contact John Broomby for details on  0417 395 557.

General Business

Alan Gordon reported the absence of fish, that were recently abundant, in the  Mount Albert Rivulet and that he suspects the recent forestry activity  may be responsible. He reported a similar lack of fish in sections of the South Esk and Georges rivers.  

AAT to look into and write to Forestry and the EPA


Upcoming Events

Trout Expo Brumbies Ck     20-22 September

Gone Fishing/Junior Angling Day Sun 20 October

Great Lake Tie In  Sat 23 November

World Fly Fishing Championships  Sat 30 Nov- Sat 7 Dec



  • Bushfest

  • Lake Sorell and Crescent WMP

  • Rural Water Strategy

  • Forest Practices Co, proposed amendment 

  • Sustainable Timber Tas 3 year production plan

  • Michael Bidwell – use of Hydro dams and lakes 

  • Fisheries Habitat Improvement Fund   -  Committee vacancy was filled by John Broomby


Action list

  • Facebook, meeting with Brad Harris    

  • Toilets, fitout costing

  • Post Windfarm EPBC on website

  • Windfarm submission to EPA

  • Letter to Forestry/EPA on Mt Albert Rivulet , South Esk and Georges rivers






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