Minutes of the AAT AGM 2019

10am Sunday 2 September 2019
Poatina Chalet  


Gary France Chair, Terry Byard Vice Chair, Howard Jones Exec Committee, Alan Gordon Break O’ Day Sports Anglers , John Broomby  Northern Clubs, Mark Rockliff  NWFA,  Chris Cohen Corralin FF and Casting  Assoc,  Wayne Bellette Tas Fly Tyers Club, Jonathan Wadwell  STLAA Delegate, Stacey Woolley  Huon Anglers Assoc, Denis Edwards Exec Officer, John Diggle IFS



Malcolm Crosse, Keith Symons, Michael Caminada, Charles Thompson



Chairman, Gary France welcomed members and guests


Confirmation of the minutes of the 2018 AGM

T Byard moved that the minutes of the 2018 AGM be accepted

Seconded  M Rockliff


Chairman’s Review 2019

During the past year we welcomed our new Minister for Primary Industries and Water, Guy Barnett.

Guy, as a keen angler and family man has an infectious enthusiasm for the Tasmanian trout fishery and in fact all things Tasmanian. Government support, willing partnerships and a creative shared vision have made a pathway. The collaboration between all stakeholders from government and its agencies to the humble angler will see Tasmania prosper over the coming decades.

The stage is now set for the world fly fishing championships this December. The recent infrastructure and access improvements will be tested and talked about by our local anglers, visitors, and world class fly fishing competitors on a widespread basis. The management, quality, and unique beauty of Tasmania and the wild trout fishery will be on show to the world.

Tourism Tasmania has a renewed marketing focus on the key things to do in Tasmania; walks, rides, golf, and fishing, among others, topped off with some of our finest food fare and boutique beverages. These themes will inspire greater numbers in visitation and an increased awareness of what Tasmania has to offer the world. Greater visitor numbers yield an economic return from the resource and generate the revenue, assisting toward its protection and development.

I represented AAT at the national two day energy conference in Devonport, June 2019, including a further one day field visit to a potential pumped hydro facility, and another future hydro forum session in August along with Howard Jones in Launceston at the Silo Hotel.

The current national outlook to cater for Australia’s energy needs and the transition towards sustainable and renewable resources of water, wind and solar, along with other new technologies, will likely see Tasmania play a major role in this infrastructure boom. Education, employment and economic growth opportunities are substantial for our state. Once the detail is known and examined, I believe we can find our way forward catering to those needs, also protecting what we have and value most in Tasmania’s natural assets and our clean way of life.

Waterway quality, river flows, storage capacities, along with monitoring stations, management, and maintenance are paramount to the functioning of all living things. Protective strategies, legislation, riparian buffer zone design, and an improved water and land use management practice, will all play an ever increasing important role in achieving our goals.

Recently the Anglers Alliance executive has been gaining a further understanding of these values through interaction with the Colorado chapter of Trout Unlimited, following a visit to the USA by Peter and Karen Brooks. A very well documented report was prepared and presented to AAT. The examples portray successful protection / prevention and repair initiatives undertaken by a support network of individuals and corporates working together toward a common desire: “conserving cold water habitats”. A follow up workshop was also conducted at Penstock Lagoon to further discuss this initiative.

The AAT Executive actively progress projects and initiatives, meeting monthly via phone conferencing and quarterly in-person with members. They undertake strategic planning reviews; build partnerships; participate in the planning, design, and implementation of infrastructure and amenities. The AAT continues to support the Angling Hall of Fame, AAT website (recently updated), and webcams (including the webcam maintenance program). 

The Fisheries Habitat Improvement Fund is particularly meaningful for anglers, because ‘habitat’ is key to the quality of our fisheries. I’m pleased to see the fund is gaining support and momentum and continues to welcome donations. The fund is an avenue for financial assistance towards projects. The Derwent Catchment Project will benefit from the revived FHIF to the tune of around $60,000 over the next three years of planned improvements.

I thank the entire Executive team and officers for their work and energy throughout the year. I thank the angling association and club members for their attendance and enthusiastic support. I look forward to hearing good angling stories over the next season.

Gary France

Chairman - Anglers Alliance Tasmania


Terry Byard moved that the Chairman’s Review be accepted. Seconded Chris Cohen


Financial Report and Yearly Budget

The 2018- 2019 audit carried out by Accru auditors was tabled along with the AAT yearly budget for 2019-2020

M Rockliff moved that the audit and budget be accepted. Seconded T Byard


Election of Office Bearers

Nominations were received from Gary France for Chairman and Terry Byard for Vice Chairman and accepted from the floor. No other nominations were received so the AAT Executive remains as :

Gary France           Chairman

Terry Byard            Vice Chairman

Malcolm Crosse    Project Officer

Howard Jones

Michael Caminada

Denis Edwards remains the Executive Officer

Christopher Cohen moved a vote of appreciation for the work done by the Executive Committee.Seconded by Wayne Bellette

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